How to: Configuring Storage Portal to use HTTP links


The Storage Portal feature of NSS delivers interactive reports to users or share administrators when quotas they are responsible for reach configured thresholds. Access to these reports is made available by including links in the email notifications sent at quota thresholds. These links can be file links with arguments or http links.

For security reasons some email clients do not accept mails that include file links with arguments, for this reason it may be preferable to use the http link option.

This article describes how to configure Storage Portal to use http links.

Note that Storage Portal uses the access rights of the Current User, so no security settings are overridden; User A who receives the http link for User B's Storage Portal will have the same level of access to User B's share as she already has in Windows Explorer.

Intended Results

After completing these configuration steps it is possible to use http links to allow access to Storage Portal. 


Integrating Quota Server and Storage Portal:

Storage Portal links are distributed in the email notifications associated with quota thresholds begin exceeded. As such Storage Portal and Quota Server must be integrated. This can be done through the Storage Portal Integration Wizard located in the Quota Server client, in the tools menu item. This wizard will create a new Notification Template Group which can then be selected in the notification configuration of the quotas that you wish to use together with Storage Portal.

  1. Open the Storage Portal Integration Wizard from the Quota Server 'tools' menu.
  2. When asked to specify which Quota Server servers will use Storage Portal, specify all NSS managing hosts that hold quotas.
  3.  Specify one of your NSS managing hosts to act as the Storage Portal server. The Storage Portal html pages held on this server will be the ones accessed - useful if you wish to edit these pages at a later date.
  4. Specify the name of the notification template group that will now be created. This group must be selected in the notification settings of the quotas that wish to use together with Storage Portal.
  5. Select to use HTTP links in your notifications. In the Server field specify the machine where you will configure ISS in the following step.
  6. Complete the wizard.

IIS configuration:

In order to use http links in the emails being sent out for Storage Portal you will need to have IIS available, normally (but not necessarily) configured on the same NSS server as was selected to be the Storage Portal server in the process above. A Virtual Directory must be created for Storage Portal  within ISS called 'MyStorage'.

  1. In the Internet Information Services [IIS] Manager, right-click the 'Default Web site'. Select: New > Virtual Directory from the drop-down menu.
  2. In the Add Virtual Directory wizard that appear the following information should be set:
    Alias = MyStorage
    Physical path = The location of the Storage Portal pages on the host nominated as the Storage Portal Server in step 3 of the integration process above. These pages are in the NSS installation directory of the server, ex: "C:\Program Files (x86)\NORTHERN\Storage Suite\MyStorage".

NSS folders needed to be shared:

The folder 'Storage Suite' in the NSS installation directory (ex: "C:\Program Files (x86)\NORTHERN\Storage Suite") must be shared on all servers that were listed in step 2 of the integration process described above (all NSS managing hosts that hold quotas). Also, the folder 'MyStorage' (ex: "C:\Program Files (x86)\NORTHERN\Storage Suite\MyStorage") must be shared on the server that was nominated to be the Storage Portal server (step 3 of the Integration process above).The account Everyone must have full access to these shares.

An attempt to perform these configuration steps is carried out automatically during installation of the software but, usually due to permissions reasons, this action may not succeed. In which case it must be carried-out manually.

  1. 'Storage Suite' shared with the share name 'NSS'. This folder must be shared (account Everyone with full access) on all NSS managing hosts holding quotas.
  2. 'MyStorage' shared with the share name 'MyStorage'. This folder must be shared (account Everyone with full access) on the Storage Portal server.

Confirm results

To confirm that you are able to access Storage Portal after the configuration has been made you can right click on a quota in the Quota Server client and choose "Go to Storage Portal". Confirm that the Storage Portal pages display correctly and that the link in Internet Explorer is an http link.

KB Article: 2813

Updated: 8/22/2014

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