What is/are: New in NSS 9.5 (Release Notes)


  • Role-adapted Reporting
    Engage data-owners in the organization's efforts to reach UDM targets; implement a policy of Role-adapted Reporting and give data owners access to tailored and goal-oriented Dashboards. Delivered to individuals within the lines of business - Project Owners, Department Heads, Share Custodians, Individual Users, etc - these modern dashboards provide fast summaries with an information-rich drill-down layer, for those who need the details. Role-adapted Reporting is a low-cost high-impact method of highlighting data management inefficiencies, policy violations and risk for those who are in the absolute best position to correct and optimize. This is the next step in effective and secure User Data Management. Please contact your Account Manager for more information and for access to the necessary NSS software.
  • UDM Reporting Across SharePoint Sites
    Policies that rely on user data reports can now be extended to include data stored in SharePoint Sites.
  • UDM Reporting for NFS Exports
    Policies that rely on user data reports can now be extended to include data stored in NFS exports.
  • Support for NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2
    During 2013 Northern and NetApp have been cooperating on the development of a new FPolicy API. This API extends the familiar capabilities of FPolicy in 7-mode configurations to Clustered Data ONTAP, when using ONTAP 8.2. Now organizations can include the migration of quota policies in their general migration and deployment planning for Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2.

Release Notes

This change log details changes made between NSS 9.0 SR9 (NSS9.00.17643.1311) and NSS 9.5 (NSS9.50.17740.1312)

DNSSK-1968 NSS: Dr Northern should add run timestamp information to output files. Also, quota policies should be output to csv for easy viewing. Fixed  
DNSSK-1960 NQS: Incorrect email template used for Triggering User. Fixed NP-7721
DNSSK-1958 NQS: Notification to denied users in FILEBLOCKS causes misleading email from QUOTA. Fixed NP-7706
DNSSK-1952 NQS: Folder starting with space is not included in quota usage calculations. Fixed NP-7714
DNSSK-1905 NQS: When changing a file allow quota to a file block the extension is removed. Fixed  
DNSSK-1879 NQS: Update the QS COM API to include the new NetApp and CDS settings. Fixed  
DNSSK-1854 NQS: Differentiate between quota user and Triggering / Contributor users in notifcation templates. Fixed CR #65
DNSSK-1823 NSS: IE10 only supported when running in compatibility mode. Fixed  
DNSSK-1774 NSR: The NSS Core Service does not reconnect to a database server that's been restarted. Fixed  
DNSSK-1758 NSS: Review and improve definition of default file types. Fixed  
DNSSK-1755 NSR: Increase the default number of old and largest files stored to 100 - this will increase default database sizes. Fixed  
DNSSK-1549 NSR: Introduce retention policies to control database growth. Fixed CR#015
DNSSK-1708 NQS: Provide option to negotiate with FPolicy using optional NTERR-support parameter. Fixed  
DNSSK-1706 NQS: Introduce handling of double byte characters in log and trace files. Fixed  
DNSSK-1674 NSS: Add columns in host scan results. Fixed CR#58
DNSSK-1662 NQS: Grey-out User Quota option for NetApp and EMC. Fixed CR#019
DNSSK-1655 NSR: MailFileExport fails on sending mail. Fixed  
DNSSK-1637 NQS: When we fail to find out if an EMC quota is on a VNX we disable the quota. Fixed  
DNSSK-1590 NSR: The Host Near Full report is case-sensitive. Fixed  
DNSSK-1581 NSR: No error message when entering invalid path in Host Scan. Fixed  
DNSSK-1482 NSR: Aging data does not respect the "Number of days before last scan is considered obsolete" setting. Fixed NP-7383, NP-7386
DNSSK-1462 NSR: Support reporting file ownership on NFS shares. Fixed  
DNSSK-1435 NSR: Add both Physical and Logical Usage, as well as Quota Type, to Quota Report. Fixed  
DNSSK-1357 NSR : Add size filtering to duplicate files and binary report. Fixed  
DNSSK-1287 NQS: Add support for NetApp/FPolicy Clustered Data ONTAP Mode. Fixed  
DNSSK-1095 NSS: Replace the NCL::Password algorithm with an approved crypto-algorithm. Fixed  
DNSSK-746 NSR: Host group changes are not reflected in the aging data until the next scan. Fixed  


NSS 9.5 is a recommended upgrade for customers looking to take advantage of the new capabilities this version introduces and/or are experiencing any unexpected behaviours listed above.

KB Article: 3003

Updated: 2/4/2014

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