What is/are: New in Northern Storage Suite 9.0 SR5 (Release Notes)


  • Stability, performance and feedback to operator
    NSS 9.0 SR5 is a service release, providing a bulk delivery of adjustments and improvements to offer a more resilient and robust version of the current feature set. SR5 is a recommended upgrade for all NSS customers.
  • Resolution of unexpected behaviour in Host Scan configuration feature
    The 'N levels below' feature in Host Scan configuration has been corrected to allow full recursive file system crawls. This feature can be used to automatically, at run-time, discover and include all shares, or all folders at an operator defined level within the file system, within the Storage Reporter Host Scan.
  • Improved support for MS Cluster Server
    Memory management of the NSS Cluster Supervisor has been improved. Additionally NSS 9.0 SR5 offers management of multiple virtual file servers from a single client; a feature that showed unexpected behaviour in previous versions.

Release Notes

This change log details changes made between NSS 9.0 SR4 (9.00.16912.1212) and NSS 9.0 SR5 (9.00.17026.1302).

DNSSK-1321 NSR: Sub-directories are skipped when using the "n levels below" scanning option Fixed NP-7186
DNSSK-1313 NQS: Paths with almost identical names can interfere with one another when locking (EMC) Fixed NP-7190
DNSSK-1311 ALL: Memory leak in Cluster Supervisor Fixed NP-7244
DNSSK-1303 NQS: Client does not connect to more than one VFS Fixed NP-7183
DNSSK-1298 INSTALLER: Wrong version detected when installing NSS v9.0 on W2K3 SP2 Fixed  
DNSSK-1297 NQS: CDS fails to replicate because of missing columns Fixed  
DNSSK-1292 NSR: Binary file report is case sensitive and listing bat as renamed Fixed  
DNSSK-1283 NSR: Mailed CSV exports that exceed the max size are garbled rather than truncated Fixed  
DNSSK-1265 NQS: 64-bit QS launches a 32-bit IE when choosing "Go to Storage Portal" Fixed  
DNSSK-1262 NSP: Fails to load language files when the webserver is configured to use any other port than 80 Fixed  
DNSSK-1260 NSR: Changing the Y-axis on the history graph is not persisted when switching view Fixed  
DNSSK-1257 LICENSE: The product listed on the 'Licenses Used' tab shows NSSv8 Fixed  
DNSSK-1255 NSR: Reports/host scans that use Powershell scripts don't work when there's a space in the temp path Fixed  
DNSSK-1254 NSR: Cannot start multiple reports that use Powershell scripts at the same time Fixed  
DNSSK-1252 INSTALLER: QSSet fails due to the settings.def file hasn't been updated Fixed  
DNSSK-1231 NSR: Export report output as attachment using wizard works only if the output is also exported to dir (quota report) Fixed  
DNSSK-1175 NSR: Files not included in Host Scan file count/size on certain errors, e.g. failure to get file owner Fixed  
DNSSK-1167 NQS: Not possible to set quota on DFS paths that are on sub domains Duplicate  
DNSSK-1159 NQS: Quotas that are set on paths that do not exist are showing size Fixed  
DNSSK-1116 NQS: DFS paths not handled correctly Fixed NP-7047
DNSSK-1074 CLONE -NSR - The paths are saved after running script Fixed  
DNSSK-1003 NCB: The client hangs intermittently Fixed  

KB Article: 2960

Updated: 12/9/2013

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  • Affected versions
    • NSS 9.0
    • - 9.00.17026.1302 [9.0 SR5]

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