What is/are: New in Northern Storage Suite 9.0 SR4 (Release Notes)


  • Stability, performance and feedback to operator
    NSS 9.0 SR4 is a pure service release, providing a bulk delivery of adjustments and improvements to offer a more resilient and robust version of the current feature set. SR4 is a recommended upgrade for all NSS customers.
  • Backwards compatibility
    Backwards compatibility was not delivered as expected in previously released 9.0 versions (SR2 and SR3). In resolving these difficulties a required change was made that will isolate these previous 9.0 releases - installations of 9.0 SR2 and SR3 will be unable to communicate with other NSS versions. With this in mind, it is recommended that upgrades be performed for all NSS installations at the same time as opposed to a staged upgrade plan. Please contact support@northern.net with any questions.

Release Notes

This change log details changes made between NSS 9.0 SR3 (9.00.16807.1210) and NSS 9.0 SR4 (9.00.16912.1212)

DNSSK-1205 NSR: Lengthy and inefficient activities precede the database/snapshot storage Fixed  
DNSSK-1203 NQS: ACL Lock/Unlock and Scanning causing stack overflow or corrupted heap Fixed  
DNSSK-1198 NQS: Crash with bail-out error message Fixed NP-7019
DNSSK-1197 DOC: Database schema doc update to show 9.0 changes (available on demand) Fixed  
DNSSK-1194 NQS: V9 QS client (both 32 & 64 bit) can't connect to older servers Fixed  
DNSSK-1193 NSR: Make the Northern Temp folder configurable Fixed  
DNSSK-1192 NSR: Cannot Edit database reports Fixed  
DNSSK-1176 NQS: Node must be confirmed as managing host each time a quota is created Fixed NP-7129
DNSSK-1174 NQS: Access violation issues due to failed backward compatibility Fixed NP-7135
DNSSK-1166 NSR: Version 9.0 Quota Size reports cannot collected data from older servers Fixed NP-7131
DNSSK-1165 LICENSING: Update End User License Agreement Fixed  
DNSSK-1164 INSTALL: Correct copyright year shown in the license agreement Fixed  
DNSSK-1163 NSA: Faulty NSA link appears in the Start Menu after upgrading to 9.0 Fixed  
DNSSK-1162 NSR: Sizes and file counts are not calculated properly when scanning nested shares Fixed  
DNSSK-1161 LICENSING: Not possible to add "EMC Isilon cluster managing host" in license page Fixed NP-7128
DNSSK-1160 NSR: The script folder is missing in the installation folder Fixed  
DNSSK-1151 LICENSING: New NSS Server disappears from license page when the page is refreshed Fixed NP-7120
DNSSK-1144 NQS: Adding quotas to DFS paths may take a extended period of time Fixed  
DNSSK-1140 NSR: It is not possible to abort a Quota Size report Fixed NP-7105
DNSSK-1137 NSR: When scaning a report on a clustered node the scan can fail Fixed  
DNSSK-1132 NSR: Insufficient logging when Quota Size report fails on one server Fixed NP-7080
DNSSK-1130 NSR: Typographical error in client "Quaters" should be changed to "Quarters" Fixed NP-7099
DNSSK-1107 NQS: Change request, QSImport to list failed quotas Fixed NP-7065
DNSSK-1103 NSP: Does not support 64-bit internet explorer. Fixed  
DNSSK-1099 NSS: NSS Core Service teminating unexpectedly Fixed NP-7030
DNSSK-1086 NSR: The database server dictates the timestamps for a scan Fixed  
DNSSK-1077 NSP: Go to storage portal page showing no quota set for remote share Fixed  
DNSSK-1006 NQS: Shortcut points to old location under "Program Files (x86)" after upgrade  Fixed  
DNSSK-998 NSR: The NSS Core Server runs out of memory when the client is left open Fixed  
DNSSK-981 NSR: Internet Explorer can hang after starting a report Fixed  
DNSSK-770 NSR: Client behaves erratically when no host scan has been run in the last 30 days Fixed  
DNSSK-1099 NSR: Account lookup executed on the local server, preventing lookup of users in non-trusted domains Fixed NP-7030

KB Article: 2959

Updated: 2/4/2014

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  • Affected versions
    • NSS 9.0
    • - 9.00.16912.1212 [9.0 SR4]

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