What is/are: New in Northern Storage Suite 9.0 SR3 (Release Notes)


  • Increased Scalability through native 64bit architecture
    A native 64bit architecture enables a larger storage footprint to be managed from a single application server, reducing deployment complexity and cost. In order to deliver low-impact and highly responsive quota policies Northern Storage Suite retains individual directory usage levels in memory - making memory allocation limits an important factor in determining the number of NSS servers needed to manage file systems. Now, using a native 64bit NSS organizations are able to deploy and enforce quota policies across more than twice as much storage as with older versions of NSS.
  • Notify Offender for EMC Celerra/VNX and NetApp FAS
    The quality of notification messages sent into the user population is a key success factor when the organization is using quota policies to guide and direct user behavior. The importance of a well thought through and relevant communications plan is critical to generating the right response. A new method of ensuring relevance is the possibility to deliver quota notifications to the single individual who most recently wrote into the quota path - the user who pushed usage over the quota threshold. This new Notify Offender option is currently only available for platforms utilizing the CEPA or FPolicy APIs. Northern does plan to offer similar functionality for DAS and SAN platforms in the future.
  • Notify Last Writers for EMC Celerra/VNX and NetApp FAS
    Building on 'Notify Offender' this new notification option allows the organization to generate more user house-keeping activity in response to a path reaching a predetermined size. Instead of simply notifying a single user, organizations can now use 'Notify Last Writers' to trigger a response in the last 10, 20 or more users who saved files into a common, project, or departmental share; informing multiple, relevant users to deliver a faster and more lasting effect.
  • Automatic deployment of user quotas with filtering according to group membership
    Previously restricted to DAS and SAN installations, now EMC Celerra/VNX and NetApp FAS can also utilize this possibility. A single quota definition on a top-level path automatically spawns quotas for users who are members of a specific Security Group. Designed for project folders and other shares accessed by multiple users this feature allows organizations to dynamically tune policies to the differing needs of individuals from different Security Groups - a member of the Marketing group is likely to have a greater need for storage space in a shared folder than a member of the Finance group - 'AutoGroup' allows for automatic roll-out of policies that accommodate for these differing needs.
  • "File Locking" Out-of-band, binary-level content control
    An advanced new feature that allows extremely tight, real-time control over file types being saved in the environment. Standard File Block and File Allow functionality use the extension of a file to determine if it is black or white listed. This is a very efficient method, in terms of use of system resources, that can be supplemented with binary level reporting to capture disguised, prohibited files. However, in some circumstances it is necessary to have real-time control at a binary level. Through File Locking, organizations can now scan files immediately after they are saved and lock prohibited files according to their digital signature. Although this 'post-write' scan does not interrupt save operations it is a resource intensive scan triggered after every save operation in the monitored share; it should be used with caution.
  • Transparent support for Distributed File Systems (DFS)
    Northern Storage Suite now offers transparent support for DFS. Dynamically resolving DFS paths to their physical equivalent at the time of operation allows organizations to configure and manage reporting and control policies at the DFS level as opposed to being required to pre-determine relationships between DFS and physical paths and managing the file systems via physical paths.
  • Increased support for environments that concurrently use multiple character sets
    Multinational organizations are now able to manage file systems in multiple geographical areas from a central location using a common set of policies. It is necessary for top-level paths (the defined target of quota policies or file system reports) to be either Latin character set or the character set determined by the System Locale of the relevant NSS server, but the underlying directory structures can include any number of different character sets.
  • Notification on File Block policy
    Organizations are now able to deliver customizable email notifications to users who attempt to save prohibited files. Describing the reasons behind file blocking policies and directing users to the relevant contacts if they have a legitimate reason for storing the file in question; these notifications enhance the effectiveness of control policies and enable a much greater degree of user self-help.
  • Extended binary-level file scanning
    Further enhancing Northern Storage Suite's ability to ensure compliance to government and business-defined regulatory demands. The digital signatures of several new file types can now be identified through scheduled reports in Storage Reporter and reports presented to users in Storage Portal. NSS operators and users can now identify renamed QuickTime, mpeg, RMF Audio, avi, mp3, exe, flac, flv, gif, jpg, pdf, pls, png, rar, zip, aiff, asf, bmp, riff, rm and Torrent files.

Release Notes

This change log details changes made between NSS 8.0 SR3 (4008.70.16573.1206) and NSS 9.0 SR3 (9.00.16807.1210).

DNSSK-186 NQS: Remove menu item for CDS AD Fixed  
DNSSK-214 NSR: Server-side export (CSV) of report output Fixed  
DNSSK-215 NQS: Auto_user and Auto_group for NetApp and EMC Fixed  
DNSSK-216 NQS: Notify to Contributor for NetApp/EMC Fixed  
DNSSK-217 NSS: Native 64bit architecture Fixed  
DNSSK-218 NSS: Support for reports and quota polcies on Disributed File Systems Fixed  
DNSSK-220 INSTALL: Remove Master Server concept to simplify deployment process Fixed  
DNSSK-221 INSTALL: Removal of unecessary steps and automation in installation wizard Fixed  
DNSSK-249 NSR: Scrolling in empty grid shows error message Fixed  
DNSSK-266 NSR: Host scan does not resume as expected when in case of NSS Core crash Fixed  
DNSSK-268 NSR: Host scan resumability is disabled when NSS Core is gracefully stopped Fixed NP-6264
DNSSK-288 NQS: Introduction of the possibility to set a quota on a FQDN path Fixed  
DNSSK-379 NQS: Automatic update of new templates from the file system when new notification templates are added Fixed  
DNSSK-405 INSTALL: Add login details for NSS Core running under Windows 2008 cluster service Fixed NP-4921
DNSSK-409 NQS: Optimize memory usage for large directory structures Fixed  
DNSSK-441 NQS: Add missing columns to the QS COM API, QS Export, QS Import and QS Set (Notably the Notify Offender columns) Fixed  
DNSSK-456 NSP: Error message refers to i_Texts.txt instead of i_Settings.txt Fixed  
DNSSK-469 CONFIG: Introduce first use page to aid initial configuration Fixed  
DNSSK-480 NQS: Intermittent failure in locking of EMC Quotas Fixed  
DNSSK-501 NSC: List of cost centers in results page is not as expected Fixed  
DNSSK-512 NQS: Add to the notice field an enum that shows when EMC quota paths are not correctly resolved Fixed  
DNSSK-532 NSR: Server-side export (CSV) of report output, improvement changes Fixed  
DNSSK-533 NSR: Improve capacity capacity calculations for DFS paths (licensing and NSR) Fixed  
DNSSK-537 CONFIG: Instructing the operator in how to add an additional database Fixed  
DNSSK-538 CONFIG: Change "Name of Server" to "Name of NSS Server" for clarity Fixed  
DNSSK-539 CONFIG: Improve handling second use when database is not available Fixed  
DNSSK-540 CONFIG: Workflow for adding additional NSS hosts Fixed  
DNSSK-543 INSTALL: Verify Upgrade of QS 5.x, NSS 2003 and NSS 2005 to NSS 9 on 64bit OS Fixed  
DNSSK-545 INSTALL: Change minimum supported version from W2k3 SP0 to W2k3 SP2 Fixed  
DNSSK-546 INSTALL: Upgrade text is truncated on Welcome Screen Fixed  
DNSSK-547 INSTALL: Add Description Texts for the Server and Client components Fixed  
DNSSK-553 INSTALL: Notify the user of IE Minimum requirement Fixed  
DNSSK-556 CONFIG: The list of license hosts is redrawn too often, causing the control to flicker Fixed  
DNSSK-558 NSR: View settings for display type (column, list, etc.) is not correctly remembered after navigating through pages Fixed  
DNSSK-593 NQS: Unexpected behavior when pressing back in the template name dialog Fixed  
DNSSK-607 NSR: Customizing hosts view to display capacity results in conflicting information Fixed  
DNSSK-626 NSR: Caption data incorrectly calculated for critical and near critical Fixed  
DNSSK-656 NSR: Risk for server hang in the post-processing step of a host scan Fixed  
DNSSK-719 CONFIG: Intermittent browser restart after leaving license page Fixed  
DNSSK-731 NSR: A single scan can appear with multiple date stamps in caption data Fixed  
DNSSK-733 NSR: Most space consuming user table is incorrectly sorted Fixed  
DNSSK-739 NSR: Caption data on User page is incorrect Fixed  
DNSSK-741 NSR: Space Consumption control column view is not available Fixed  
DNSSK-742 NSR: The number of critical hosts/volumes is incorrect in the page summary Fixed  
DNSSK-743 NSR: Sorting is case-sensitive in the various list controls for host scans Fixed  
DNSSK-744 NSR: Sizes/file counts of overlapping paths are summed incorrectly in aging data Fixed  
DNSSK-745 NSR: The height calculations for the diagram controls are incorrect Fixed  
DNSSK-747 NSR: Date in Usage History does not match caption data Fixed  
DNSSK-775 INSTALLER: multi-platform qsflt.inf did not install as expected Fixed  
DNSSK-776 NSR: Remove the Data sub-menu from controls that have customizable columns Fixed  
DNSSK-780 NSR: Maximized controls are repeatedly redrawn, causing them to flicker Fixed  
DNSSK-794 NCB: Indefinately continues to scan when a usage by group file system job is initiated Fixed  
DNSSK-801 NCB: First run of a Chargeback job gives no results Fixed  
DNSSK-804 NSS: Start of the Web client requests installation of MFC dlls which are no longer used by the ocx controls Fixed  
DNSSK-807 NQS: HTTPS connection to NetApp devices does not work as expected Fixed  
DNSSK-808 NQS: File Locking (Binary Fileblock) keeps files locked after file block has been disabled or deleted Fixed  
DNSSK-809 NSR: CSV email attachments are 0 bytes/td> Fixed  
DNSSK-811 NSP: No progress indicator while scanning in Storage Portal Fixed  
DNSSK-828 NSP: Internet Explorer crashes when a scan in Storage Portal is interrupted Fixed  
DNSSK-830 INSTALL: Upgrade Installer should automatically uninstall the existing version Fixed  
DNSSK-833 NSR: Upgraded version can't read the xml definition files from an older version Fixed  
DNSSK-840 NSS: Run NSS Core service in console mode Fixed  
DNSSK-844 NSR: Lock out the possibility to perform a host scan without a valid license Fixed  
DNSSK-845 CONFIG: Information is missing from license page Fixed  
DNSSK-847 NCB: Lock out possibility to add new and run existing reports though license has expired Fixed  
DNSSK-849 NQS: Large blocks of memory can be allocated following receipt of a corrupt cifs notification Fixed  
DNSSK-852 CONFIG: Old databases are not upgraded as expected Fixed  
DNSSK-870 NSS: Memory is leaked when compressing trace files Fixed  
DNSSK-873 NCB: Upgraded instalaltions can't read the xml definition files from an older version Fixed  
DNSSK-875 NQS: AutoUser is enabled in the client for NAS and Isilon quotas Fixed  
DNSSK-880 INSTALL: QSComAPI is registered in the incorrect directory Fixed  
DNSSK-882 NCB: No error message is presented when exceeding the licensed number of hosts Fixed  
DNSSK-893 NSR: Add sort order to server-side CSV export Fixed  
DNSSK-898 NSR: Add detection of Torrent files to the Binary Format reports Fixed  
DNSSK-900 NSR: Avoid lock contention when viewing host scan pages by reading uncommitted data from the database Fixed  
DNSSK-904 NSR: Incomplete data set in CSV export Fixed  
DNSSK-906 NSR: Add detection of mkv files to the Binary Format reports Fixed  
DNSSK-918 CONFIG: Unable to add a host due to invalid pipe handle Fixed  
DNSSK-920 NQS: NetApp File Block on an excluded directory doesnt work as expected Fixed  
DNSSK-931 NSR: Data is resorted incorrectly following export CSV Fixed  
DNSSK-938 NSR: Frame around caption data is not the appropriate size Fixed  
DNSSK-945 NQS: Threshold Setting shows doubled % value in the quota wizard Fixed  
DNSSK-946 NQS: Change how mail variables are handled in User Notification Setting Fixed  
DNSSK-951 NQS: Netapp File Locking with user Everyone doesn't work as expected in every case Fixed  
DNSSK-952 NQS: Netapp File Locking with a test user has no effect Fixed  
DNSSK-957 NQS: File Locking needs to handle deletes Fixed  
DNSSK-958 CONFIG: A tab is missing from the config page and one tab has an error Fixed  
DNSSK-959 NQS: Client includes a non-functional link to NSA Fixed  
DNSSK-961 NSP: Notification mail is not sent as expected following quota size increase Fixed  
DNSSK-964 NCB: The title of the Chargeback projection notification is not presented as expected Fixed  
DNSSK-966 NSR: Controls in report wizards are not aligned with the bottom edge Fixed  
DNSSK-967 NCB: Runtime on a chargeback job is set by database server Fixed  
DNSSK-971 NSR: Can still specify depth for report paths Fixed  
DNSSK-973 NQS: SmartColumns do not show all variables Fixed  
DNSSK-975 CONFIG: The license page can trigger exceptions and IE becomes unresponsive Fixed  
DNSSK-980 NSR: The client-side CSV batch export ends with an "Unknown Error" Fixed  
DNSSK-982 NSR: The tree view selection and edit box texts are inconsistent in the folder selection dialog Fixed  
DNSSK-986 NQS: Multiple events trigger multiple mail notifications to be sent Fixed  
DNSSK-988 NSR: The Host Connector threads attempt to access deleted objects Fixed  
DNSSK-989 NQS: Change the name EMC Celerra to EMC Unified Storage Fixed  
DNSSK-992 NQS: Editing a File block/allow removes the previously configured extension Fixed  
DNSSK-997 NSR: Display controls go blank after multiple exports to Excel from the result view Fixed  
DNSSK-1005 NSS: Fix Dr. Northern for x64 installations Fixed  
DNSSK-1007 NSR: The "mail CSV export" option on reports causes long and CPU-intensive delays Fixed  
DNSSK-1009 NQS: Quota usage calculation is incorrect when a directory is excluded from a user quota Fixed  
DNSSK-1011 NCB: The chargeback job hangs if the file owner is NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE or certain other system users Fixed  
DNSSK-1016 NSR: Display of report results list can take an extended length of time following the introduction of the row count column Fixed NP-6941
DNSSK-1017 NQS: Risk of NSS Host hang when filter driver-based quotas are used Fixed NP-6941
DNSSK-1021 NSR: Export to Excel is interrupted if the user clicks inside the Excel window Fixed  
DNSSK-1060 NQS: Quota set to 4GB shows "Object" as quota size in client Fixed  
DNSSK-1066 NSR: Mail notifications and CSV exports are not performed for all reports in a resumed, merged scan Fixed  
DNSSK-1068 NSR: Files Owned by User scheduled report is not working as expected Fixed NP-7005
DNSSK-1069 NQS: Minor client issues, including misleading workspace description Fixed NP-7023
DNSSK-1090 NQS: AD Variables not working as expected Fixed NP-6977
DNSSK-1091 NSR: Characters that are not in the local code page are lost when saved to the database Fixed NP-7050
DNSSK-1098 NQS: Event log errors when running Notification Executable Fixed NP-7050
DNSSK-1101 NSP: Fails to read configuration files when following an http link from a pure client machine Fixed  
DNSSK-1104 NQS: %ShareRemark variable does not work as expected Fixed  

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Updated: 11/5/2012

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