What is/are: New in NSS 9.8 SR1 (Release Notes)


  • Continuous stability and scalability improvements
    As with all service releases, the primary goal is to deliver incremental improvements in the stability and scalability of the solution. Changes introduced in NSS 9.8 SR1 focus on improvements in the solution's web-based user interface and the data-gathering engine.
  • Continued support for Internet Explorer 8
    Although Microsoft ended support for IE8 in January 2016, many of Northern's customers are using this browser. NSS 9.8 SR1 includes a number of changes to ensure interoperability.
  • Graphical improvements
    Iterative changes within the layout of the software's web-based user interface to make communication clearer and data management more efficient.

Release Notes

This change log details changes made between NSS 9.8 (9.80.20518.1611) and NSS 9.8 SR1 (9.80.20764.1701).

DNSSK-4597 WebClient: Drilling down to Path Label shows wrong data when path label or value contains non-English text.  
DNSSK-4591 WebClient: Charts are empty when only one data is available in the database.  
DNSSK-4586 WebClient: Single path page doesn't load under IE8.  
DNSSK-4583 WebClient: "Access Rules" PowerShell commands fire error.  
DNSSK-4581 NQS: Change default for three FPolicy Engine Settings.  
DNSSK-4580 NQS: Change from require Administrator to Highest Available.  
DNSSK-4572 NSR: No error is returned when the custom report is created/run with e.g. invalid expressions, field names, etc.  
DNSSK-4569 WebClient: Users cannot access single path page for paths they have access to via group membership.  
DNSSK-4537 WebClient: Rule Policies run at once even if Run Now is not selected.  
DNSSK-4525 WebClient: Fail to load Single path drill-down GROWTH TOTAL widgets.  
DNSSK-4515 NSR: The Content column is too small.  
DNSSK-4514 NSR: Cannot use line-breaks in e.g. ValueExpression (Report API).  
DNSSK-4511 WebClient: Add more space to path label expression field.  
DNSSK-4507 NSR: Multiple logical paths to the same file in file-level reports result in duplicate rows.  
DNSSK-4502 WebClient: IE Scrollbar is overlapping some page elements.  
DNSSK-4498 WebClient: Quota Size in threshold should not be rounded.  
DNSSK-4493 WebClient: Display of Notification Information is cramped.  
DNSSK-4492 Installer: Labels are cut off on a Japanese system.  
DNSSK-4483 WebClient: Adding database connection fails without an error.  
DNSSK-4481 NSR: Snapshots for duplicate file reports are unnecessarily large.  
DNSSK-4468 WebClient: Quota size shows as column instead of straight line.  
DNSSK-4435 WebClient: Migration failing for databases created in version 8.x. NP-8913
DNSSK-4431 WebClient: There is no UsageSummary for Quota Threshold 1.  
DNSSK-4423 WebClient: Change Label on button when adding a Path Label.  
DNSSK-4412 WebClient: The option "Show Latest Run" shall only be present for Custom Analysis widget.  
DNSSK-4410 WebClient: Growth Overview chart does not take up the whole area when there is one scan.  
DNSSK-4381 WebClient: The @Model.ClientURL in the Welcome mail template is not substituted with a valid URL after saving the template.  
DNSSK-4367 WebClient: It is possible to add an access rule through the API without the backslash.  
DNSSK-4358 WebClient: "Path/Owner Data Cost Per Month" widgets do not load under IE8.  
DNSSK-4354 WebClient: Not possible to delete/edit application/path roles and access rules under IE8.  
DNSSK-4353 WebClient: There's no space between drilldown menus (IE8).  
DNSSK-4327 WebClient: Admin area has slow response.  
DNSSK-4308 WebClient: "Top Growing File Types" grid on single path view shows wrong data.  
DNSSK-4302 WebClient: Adding NSSX DB Connection reported as Unknown Error.  
DNSSK-4266 WebClient: User might think that there are no Access Rule Paths defined when editing Rule.  
DNSSK-4173 WebClient: Auto Complete list goes outside its containers.  
DNSSK-4124 WebClient: Items are not clickable on Custom Report widgets.  
DNSSK-3974 WebClient: Expand button is below the input field and not on the same row in the Create rule modal.  
DNSSK-3928 WebClient: Failed to load single path page when path contains åäö characters.  
DNSSK-3794 WebClient: Cannot add users/groups to policies' inclusion and exclusion lists.  
DNSSK-3651 WebClient: Sorting of widget breaks when canceling the export.  


NSS 9.8 SR1 is a GD version. Meaning that it is a recommended upgrade for all customers. Contact your account manager or Solution Manager (for customers with Augmented Support and Maintenance) for further details and upgrade assistance.

KB Article: 3265

Updated: 1/25/2017

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