What is/are: New in NSS 9.7 SR4 (Release Notes)


  • Scalability improvements for quota monitoring - NetApp CDOT, HDS HNAS and EMC VNX
    It is now possible to control the number of threads NSS uses to channel events into its post-processing procedures. Previously only one thread was used to channel events. In cases where NSS was monitoring large volumes of activity this could become a bottle-neck, causing a queue of unprocessed events to build up. This in-turn would lead to increased memory consumption on the NSS server and delays in quota updating. 
  • Quota miscalculation risk removed - NetApp CDOT, HDS HNAS and EMC VNX
    Customers using SMB meta-data caching on the NSS application server in combination with NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP, HDS HNAS and EMC VNX devices have previously been exposed to a risk of possible quota usage level miscalculation or loss of real-time updating. SMB meta-data caching is intended to improve performance for CIFS clients. However, caching meta-data can cause miscalculations in NSS; it is possible for NSS to respond to an FPolicy, HNAS or CEPA change notification before the cache update process has completed - in this situation the old, cached, size of a path is returned to NSS by the CIFS server. Now, in NSS 9.7 SR4, re-scan delays can be configured per platform to ensure the cache update process is allowed to complete before NSS requests size information from the CIFS server. Contact Northern Support (support@northern.net) if you believe you may be exposed to this risk and receive assistance in configuring this feature.

Release Notes

This change log details changes made between NSS 9.7 SR3 (9.70.20161.1606) and NSS 9.7 SR4 (9.70.20304.1608).

DNSSK-4223 NQS: Scalability Improvements in non-CIFS notification integrations. NP-8773


NSS 9.7 SR4 is a GD version. Meaning that it is a recommended upgrade for all customers. Contact your account manager or Solution Manager (for customers with Augmented Support and Maintenance) for further details and upgrade assistance.

KB Article: 3172

Updated: 9/2/2016

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