What is/are: New in NSS 9.7 SR2 (Release Notes)


  • Ability to include customized file list and summary data in Dashboards
    NSS 9.7 SR2 introduces an important new capability that joins the flexibility of NSS' Data Gathering API with the power of the solution's distributable web interface. Through the Data Gathering API (a documented API shipped with the NSS software), customers are able to use NSS' scanning engine to collect a vast range of custom information about how their file services are being used, adding this to the already rich insight gained from normal scanning operations. Previously this custom information could only be viewed in external interfaces (csv, MS Excel, SSRS, etc.). Now this information can be added to the interface of NSS itself, allowing customers to distribute specific and focused analyses out into the organization. Provide Team Leaders with lists of files owned by users who recently left their teams, provide Line of Business owners with a summary of space consumed by duplicate files, give lists of the duplicate files themselves to the individual users who created them, etc. This is a powerful opportunity to get focused analyses into the hands of people who need the data, and into the hands of the people who can act on it - protecting valuable assets and removing ROT. Please contact Northern's Technical Support team for more information.
  • NSS PowerShell Toolkit
    At an architectural level NSS is made up of separated components, each with a specific task to perform in the process of delivering a complete solution. All internal communication is carried out through standardized APIs. Besides offering advantages in Northern's development processes, this approach also greatly benefits work to technically integrate NSS within customer environments; the APIs are feature-rich and continuously developed and both performance and stability are always in focus. Sometimes the full range of possibilities available through the APIs can be overwhelming, especially when you want to perform simple but repetitive tasks. This is where the NSS PowerShell Toolkit offers an attractive solution. Similar to command-line tools, the NSS PowerShell Toolkit provides a layer of abstraction between the operator and the underlying API, hiding complexity and allowing simple tasks to be performed efficiently. Please contact Northern's Technical Support team for more information.
  • Representing multiple file extensions as a single file type in File Type Group definitions
    For customers who have applications which use the file extension to incorporate data (such as dates, version numbers, etc.) it will be extremely useful to be able to define File Type Groups that include all files with an extension that matches a relevant pattern. For example, all files created by an application that appends an incremental digit code to its output files can be grouped with a single regular expression - capturing all existing files and future files in a single 'Application Files' group. Review KB-3149 for more information.

Release Notes

This change log details changes made between NSS 9.7 SR1 (9.70.19849.1603) and NSS 9.7 SR2 (9.70.20083.1605).

DNSSK-4006 WebClient: Administration link does not show on header area for operators  
DNSSK-3969 WebClient: All functions are denied in console after upgrade  
DNSSK-3927 WebClient: Error when syncing Rule Policies NP-8720
DNSSK-3916 WebClient: Dashboard names should be translatable  
DNSSK-3910 WebClient: Add Default View profile for User Application Role  
DNSSK-3907 WebClient: Ability to choose View Profile when adding/editing Application Role  
DNSSK-3905 WebClient: It should be possible to add Largest/Oldest widget  
DNSSK-3900 WebClient: Save Views As Profile API method  
DNSSK-3886 NQS: QSImport crashes at exit after importing quotas  
DNSSK-3880 NQS: Quota property panel shows wrong notification settings  
DNSSK-3879 NQS: When creating Quotas via QS COM API without using a template the Quotas stay in Initializing  
DNSSK-3871 US022: View Profiles - Add PowerShell cmdlets for the API  
DNSSK-3857 WebClient: Ability to add more columns to widgets  
DNSSK-3855 WebClient: Change the name of the NSS Console installer package  
DNSSK-3851 NSR: Cannot delete Host or Host Group in the Database Management control  
DNSSK-3850 NSR: Add more validations to the database migration NP-8686
DNSSK-3827 WebClient: It should be possible to leave the Add New Widget window open  
DNSSK-3823 NSR: Invalid file dates roll back the whole database transaction  
DNSSK-3822 WebClient: Failed to open Policies page after upgrade  
DNSSK-3814 WebClient: Possibility to add custom widgets to single path view  
DNSSK-3805 WebClient: Console fails to load under Safari  
DNSSK-3804 WebClient: Show number of files (file count) in the Path, Path Label, Path Category and Owner grids  
DNSSK-3785 NSR: Corrupt machine name in Dr. Northern output directory  
DNSSK-3763 WebClient: NaN (Not a Number) shows on path label drill down (cost - total)  
DNSSK-3742 WebClient: It should be possible to cancel changes when editing dashboards  
DNSSK-3741 NSR: Improve performance of scans with many top paths and 0 "levels down"  
DNSSK-3732 NQS: Misleading email notification when file is blocked as a result of File Allow (reverse file block)  
DNSSK-3716 WebClient: It should be possible to get to owner drill-down from path label drilldown  
DNSSK-3706 WebClient:Calendar does not open when clicking on calendar icon  
DNSSK-3677 NQS: Quotas don't initialize when several are created at once  
DNSSK-3674 WebClient: Add custom file list widget - drawing data from Data Gathering API reports  
DNSSK-3647 NQS: Introduce alternative to SpecificLana  
DNSSK-3645 NQS: VNX quotas lock after becoming disabled  
DNSSK-3631 WebClient: Introduce show/Hide legend option for graphical widgets  
DNSSK-3622 WebClient: It should be possible to change the name of custom dashboards  
DNSSK-3579 WebClient: Calculation of EOY Cost is incorrect  
DNSSK-3385 NSS: Introduce regular expression support for definition of File Type Groups - multiple file extensions can be represented as a single file type  
DNSSK-2837 NSR: No snapshots are created during the post-process phase of Duplicate File reports  


NSS 9.7 SR2 is a GD version. Meaning that it is a recommended upgrade for all customers. Contact your account manager or Solution Manager (for customers with Augmented Support and Maintenance) for further details and upgrade assistance.


  • KB3149 How to: Represent closely related file types as a single file type
  • KB Article: 3146

    Updated: 6/27/2016

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