What is/are: New in NSS 9.7 SR1 (Release Notes)


  • Enhanced Role-based Access Control in NSS Console
    NSS Console is a self-service web portal used to deliver file system usage analysis to different stakeholders within the organization. File system usage data is gathered, processed and presented. In previous versions of NSS, who has access to which data is controlled simply by associating different users with different paths, manually or through automated policies. NSS 9.7 SR1 introduces more granular control over the scope of access different users have to file system analysis and to the application itself. Default profiles offer views and features suitable for Data Custodians, Data Contributors, Operators and Helpdesk Teams. Permissions can be customized to suit precise needs. This new capability offers precise control and further enables organizations to involve the business in the process of managing business data.
  • Reduced Complexity in Showing Data Owners Analyses of ‘Their’ Data
    The Path Label feature of NSS Console allows organizations to group paths according to organizational aspects; group all paths served out of the New York data centre, group according to Projects or Departments, group all Home Shares belonging to ex-employees, etc. Path Labels provide an organization-close visualization of file service usage, rather than a traditional infrastructure-close view. In 9.7 SR1 the usefulness of this feature has been further enhanced. Now links can be provided (manually or through quota notifications) that take NSS Console users directly to paths that share a common label; Senior Data Managers can be immediately directed to analyses that focus solely on the ‘Engineering’ or ‘Finance’ paths that they have access to, etc. Streamlining the process of User Data Management.
  • Ability to Change Deny Messages for Quotas and File Block Policies
    Previously customers using NetApp CDOT infrastructure for file services have been limited to sending "Access Denied" error messages to users when they attempted to save into a locked quota, or attempted to save a prohibited file type. In response to customer requests, changes have been made in both NSS and Data ONTAP that allow applications to trigger the sending of a wider range of Error messages to users when a file save action is denied. See KB-3107 for more information about ONTAP version requirements and the procedure for changing messages.
  • Default Quota Tracking Mechanism Changed for EMC VNX Environments
    Northern previously introduced the option to use CEPA pre-events to track usage levels and update quota usage information in August 2014 (NSS 9.6). This capability enhances scalability in quota management and reduces load on the EMC CIFS servers being managed. From NSS 9.7 SR1 this method is used by default in new installations. When older versions of NSS are being upgraded, the previous tracking method is retained. It is recommended that all installations be configured to use CEPA pre-event tracking. Carefully follow the configuration steps in KB-2884. Particular attention should be paid to the events listed in the cepp.conf file. More general information is available in NSS 9.6 Release Notes.
  • Changes to Minimum System Requirements
    Northern is following Microsoft in ending support for Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP. From 9.7 SR1, Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP will not be supported and installation on these platforms will not be possible. Additionally, small changes regarding Service Packs and Windows Updates have been made for Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, Windows Vista and Windows 7. More information is available in KB-1791.
  • Central Data Store Feature in Quota Server Retired
    The ability to store dynamic quota information (primarily usage levels) was previously available through the Central Data Store (CDS) feature of Quota Server. This feature has been retired as it was seen not to fulfil the goal of delivering a quota reporting capability. This capability, inclusion of quota-related data and events in file server usage analyses, will be introduced in a future version of NSS – within the NSS Console framework. Please contact your Account Manager, or Northern Support with any questions.

Release Notes

This change log details changes made between NSS 9.61 SR5 (NSS9.61.19529.1511) and NSS 9.7 SR1 (NSS9.70.19849.1603).

DNSSK-3611 All: Add SHA256 signing of executables  
DNSSK-3715 NQS: Win32 Client Access Violation if more than 100 000 quotas  
DNSSK-3110 NQS: Add File and Directory count to Quotas  
DNSSK-3442 NQS: CDOT, We need to be able to associate the admin IP address with a CDOT CIFS server for ONTAPI  
DNSSK-3245 NQS: Change default change notification for EMC to use CEPA check events  
DNSSK-3576 NQS: Change how the DirectoryCacheLifetime etc setting works for QS  
DNSSK-3457 NQS: Ensure that only one rescan root is running per drive root at any given time  
DNSSK-3350 NQS: If a configured SmartColumn returns a very long string quota server can crash NP-8535
DNSSK-3452 NQS: Implement CDOT NTERR equivalent support  
DNSSK-3595 NQS: It should be possible to rename a file even though the quota size limit has been exceeded NP-8634
DNSSK-3275 NQS: Make it possible to manage CDOT VServers in another domain than where Quota Server is running  
DNSSK-3239 NQS: Remove CDS and AD replication  
DNSSK-1293 NQS: Remove the popup option from QS Policy, Notification Settings  
DNSSK-3188 NSR: Add method to get license status from the Report API  
DNSSK-3606 NSR: Cannot abort scan in single-thread mode  
DNSSK-3637 NSR: Copy the MSI log file to the TraceFiles directory so it's included in Dr. Northern  
DNSSK-3411 NSR: General performance investigation of NSS Core Server  
DNSSK-3459 NSR: Implement a way to exclude files that have a certain file attribute from the host scan  
DNSSK-3599 NSR: Japanese characters are not properly displayed in the CSV export message NP-8608
DNSSK-3601 NSR: Look up user name on local machine first  
DNSSK-3190 NSR: Quote data fields in the CSV file report  
DNSSK-3472 NSR: The "2+ Months Old by Xxx Date..." column excludes files from before 2000  
DNSSK-3585 NSR: Exported CSV files do not have a Bite Order Mark and will not be displayed properly NP-8608
DNSSK-3445 NSS: Dr Northern should pick up all trace files in a clustered environment  
DNSSK-3564 NSS: The transactions are too big during the Console database migration  
DNSSK-3119 US015: Role Access - Role API  
DNSSK-3314 US015: Role Access - Update Automatic Rules  
DNSSK-3470 US018: Data Owner Drill Down  
DNSSK-3649 WebClient: Cannot scan SharePoint site collections that aren't under the default URLs NP-8652
DNSSK-1627 WebClient: Cannot scan SharePoint sub-site if the service doesn't have access to the top site  
DNSSK-3605 WebClient: Add URL Parameter to go directly to a specific Path Label Value NP-8609
DNSSK-3230 WebClient: Add path.category() pathlabel expression  
DNSSK-3609 WebClient: Adding database for first time is showing unknown error  
DNSSK-3302 WebClient: Bundle partial views for faster loading time  
DNSSK-3791 WebClient: Commit all Eng/Swe/Jap/Spanish/French language strings  
DNSSK-2487 WebClient: Erase automatic rules needs confirmation dialog  
DNSSK-3451 WebClient: Format storage numbers in the charts y-axis to even intervals  
DNSSK-2563 WebClient: Group-based rule won't show any data by using "*"  
DNSSK-3648 WebClient: Hide navigation menu when using the Path Label Direct link parameters  
DNSSK-3535 WebClient: Implement Dashboard Permission Check  
DNSSK-3453 WebClient: Implement Data Scan History  
DNSSK-3553 WebClient: Implement Filtering for String Columns in Dashboard Widgets  
DNSSK-3532 WebClient: Implement Permission Check for Email template  
DNSSK-3525 WebClient: Implement Permission Check for Host Scan Configuration  
DNSSK-3521 WebClient: Implement Permission Check for SMTP Configuration  
DNSSK-3433 WebClient: It should be possible to specify Path Category/Path Label for Rule Policies  
DNSSK-3435 WebClient: It should be possible to use wildcards in rule policy user filter  
DNSSK-3341 WebClient: Limit the size of trace and archive files  
DNSSK-3432 WebClient: Make it possible to create multiple Rule Policies  
DNSSK-3416 WebClient: Moving a path from one Path Category to another doesn't work properly NP-8563
DNSSK-3655 WebClient: On Default Dashboard the FTG widget has lookback set to 60 days, the others are set to 30  
DNSSK-3395 WebClient: Show administration link if the ShowAdmin permission exists  
DNSSK-3661 WebClient: Sign MSI packages and installer exe with new certificate  
DNSSK-3437 WebClient: Support persisted host scan configuration, including port numbers, in a Windows cluster  
DNSSK-3330 WebClient: Users that have access to one path should be redirected to Single Path View  
DNSSK-3342 WebClient: Log errors and information to the DB  
DNSSK-3628 WebClient: Check permissions for showing cost, age, growth and file lists  
DNSSK-3747 WebClient: Paths are not clickable and there is no "open in windows explorer" icon  
DNSSK-3434 WebClient: Show errors that happened during the rule policy synchronization  


NSS 9.7 SR1 is a GA version. Meaning that it is available to customers who are experiencing an unexpected behaviour in an older version that is listed as resolved in the table above, and to customers who wish to take advantage of new capabilities introduced in this version. Contact your account manager or Solution Manager (for customers with Augmented Support and Maintenance) for further details and upgrade assistance.

KB Article: 3138

Updated: 6/27/2016

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