What is/are: New in NSS 9.61 SR4 (Release Notes)


  • Stability, Performance, Scalability
    As a service release NSS 9.61 SR4 adheres to the principal of offering improved function in the existing feature set - several potent gains have been made. Of particular note are the speed of information display and ability to handle ever larger data sets in the NSS Console - the unique self-service data management portal further confirming it's capabilities in petabyte environments.
  • Quota notifications with NSS Console links - Multi-byte character support
    Before NSS 9.61 SR4, customers managing paths that contain multi-byte characters and using Internet Explorer as their default web-browser were unable to use NSS Console links in quota notification emails. This was related to the way in which paths containing multi-byte characters were encoded by NSS and then interpreted by Internet Explorer. Now customers in Japan can direct their users to NSS Console, via IE, when they reach a quota threshold.
  • Notifications when files are blocked by file allow policies
    Customers have long had the possibility to trigger email notifications to users when the user attempts to save a file prohibited by a File Block policy. NSS 9.61 SR4 introduces the possibility to send similar notifications when an attempt is made to violate a File Allow policy. File Allow, where specific file types that can be saved are specified, is NSS' most restrictive form of content control.

Release Notes

This change log details changes made between NSS 9.61 SR3 (NSS9.61.19180.1506) and NSS 9.61 SR4 (NSS9.61.19378.1509).

DNSSK-3334 WebClient: Cannot add new host on Firefox.  
DNSSK-3306 NQS: When the QS Client connects to a QS Server on the same machine and if SpecificLANA is set for the server the connection can take a long time.  
DNSSK-3299 NQS: HDSFilers setting needs to be added in the QS COM API.  
DNSSK-3293 NQS: CDOT Quota on a path \\Server\Share\Dir's did not update as expected.  
DNSSK-3271 NQS/WebClient: In QS email notifications, encoding of a Japanese Console link doesn't work in IE. NP-8487
DNSSK-3261 WebClient: Improve stability of user lookup when adding permissions. NP-8470
DNSSK-3256 WebClient: Console does not load as expected under IE8 (Intermittent).  
DNSSK-3254 WebClient: Total Usage Growth query times out.  
DNSSK-3253 WebClient: Path Label List is Empty when Adding a Widget.  
DNSSK-3247 NQS: File block actions resulting from File Allow policies do not generate notifications. NP-8432
DNSSK-3231 WebClient: "Growth Overview" widget shows empty chart when there is only one data point.  
DNSSK-3218 WebClient: "User Analysis" widget times out on large data set.  
DNSSK-3217 WebClient: File Lists do not break line properly.  
DNSSK-3215 WebClient : Client cache is not used.  
DNSSK-3210 WebClient: Path Label Total Summary query times out on a large data set.  
DNSSK-3187 NSR: Add option to skip host scan post-processing.  
DNSSK-3178 WebClient: History Graphs for PathLabelDrilldown have too many datapoints.  
DNSSK-2707 WebClient: Right Align number columns.  


NSS 9.61 SR4 is a GD version. Meaning that it is a recommended upgrade for all customers. Contact your account manager or Solution Manager (for customers with Augmented Support and Maintenance) for further details and upgrade assistance.

KB Article: 3091

Updated: 11/13/2015

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    • 9.61.19378.1509 [9.61 SR4]

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