What is/are: New in NSS 9.61 SR3 (Release Notes)


  • Multi-path View in the NSS Console
    The Dashboards of NSS offer powerful summary information that allows business owners and administrators to quickly identify where efficiency can be increased and risk reduced; where users are cleaning up their shares, where pockets of stale and unwanted data remain, which file types are driving growth, etc. Concrete and specific information is needed if these individuals are to efficiently take advantage of these opportunities. In situations where users are responsible for a single path, then the Single Path View provides a powerful tool-set for action. In cases where users are responsible for multiple shares, the Multi-Path View offers the information that is needed; detailed information about all of their file shares or file shares grouped according to a Path Label.
  • Drill-down from Path Labels in NSS Console
    Many customers are beginning to use Path Labels to create a layer of abstraction between users and UNC paths, so users see their home shares as 'H:\' rather than \\server\folder\firstname.lastname, or managers see a list of user names rather than a list of home share paths. NSS 9.61 SR3 introduces the possibility to drill-down from Path Labels in the NSS Console to the Single Path and Multi-path Views, opening up the possibility for drill-down to those organizations who have adopted the Path Label feature.
  • Reduced Memory Use in 'Notify Denied User' and 'Notify Contributor' Quota Notifications
    On EMC VNX, HDS HNAS and NetApp 7-Mode and Clustered Data ONTAP NSS is able to send email notifications to users who attempt to save into a locked quota, or attempt to save a prohibited file type - "Notify Denied User". NSS is also able to send emails to a customizable number of users who most recently saved data into a path that has breached a quota threshold - "Notify Contributor". Email addresses for users who should receive these notifications are collected from Active Directory automatically. These are powerful notification options to keep users informed and ensure that they know which course of action they should take, without needing to contact the Help Desk team. Improvements have been made in both of these notification options to significantly reduce the RAM used on the NSS Application Server.
  • Improved Handling of Weak RPC Connections
    Northern has seen some cases, predominately within NetApp 7-Mode environments, where the RPC connection necessary for quota locking and blocking operations can be lost. This problem results in a cycle of 233 Errors and quota locking or blocking actions being disabled. In NSS 9.61 SR3, Northern has introduced a new method to re-register the RPC connection when it is lost.

Release Notes

This change log details changes made between NSS 9.61 SR2 (NSS9.61.18990.1505) and NSS 9.61 SR3 (NSS9.61.19180.1506).

DNSSK-3201 WebClient: Non-grouped Path Label data times out  
DNSSK-3200 WebClient : It is not possible to view data while scanning  
DNSSK-3199 WebClient: Adding of Path Labels is very slow  
DNSSK-3196 WebClient: Getting Path Label History times out  
DNSSK-3192 WebClient: Growth Per Label Value Times out  
DNSSK-3191 WebClient: Not possible to add two path labels at the same time  
DNSSK-3175 NQS: The Notify Contributor/Denied User system doesn't handle incoming events fast enough if you have very many quotas using the Notify system NP-8331
DNSSK-3173 WebClient: Path Label Progress bar can move backwards  
DNSSK-3172 WebClient: Error adding path label, page hangs  
DNSSK-3159 NSR: Add new method for path validation to the Report API  
DNSSK-3155 WebClient: Non-grouped Path Label should link to single path view  
DNSSK-3140 NSR: Path exclusions can exclude too much when scanning overlapping shares NP-8412
DNSSK-3137 WebClient: US013 - Path Label Drill-down - Age Total Page  
DNSSK-3136 WebClient: US013 - Path Label Drill-down - Age Total Query  
DNSSK-3128 NQS: Improve RPC re-connection functionality between NSS Quota Server and a NetApp 7-mode Filer NP-8333
DNSSK-3126 NQS: Stability enhancements made in the handling of cases where folders queued for scanning are removed before scans are completed NP-8401
DNSSK-3125 NSR: The scan time reported in the event log message (ID 1202/1203) is twice the actual amount NP-8403
DNSSK-3124 WebClient : Reset dashboards to default  
DNSSK-3118 NSR: Snapshot folder no longer excluded from host scan after upgrade NP-8393
DNSSK-3116 NSR: Add methods to stop one scan job and/or all scan jobs to the Report API  
DNSSK-3109 NQS: Create a new tracing of emails sent for file blocks, quotas locking and unlocking  
DNSSK-3107 WebClient: Run Now button for Data Scan  
DNSSK-3080 WebClient: US013 - Path Label Drill-down - Page Menu  
DNSSK-3076 WebClient: US013 - Path Label Drill-down  
DNSSK-3059 NQS: File Allow to with and without precedence over Quotas  
DNSSK-3024 WebClient: Info on "Total Usage" column will be wiped out by resizing the page/column  


NSS 9.61 SR3 is a GD version. Meaning that it is a recommended upgrade for all customers. Contact your account manager or Solution Manager (for customers with Augmented Support and Maintenance) for further details and upgrade assistance.

KB Article: 3086

Updated: 9/15/2015

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