What is/are: New in NSS 9.61 SR2 (Release Notes)


  • Summary information in customized report displays
    Summary information has been available in the NSS Console dashboards for some time. Now administrators and users can add summary information into their own customized NSS Console report widgets. This further strengthens the ability to create custom report layouts designed to the needs of specific audiences within the organization.
  • Path labels in NSS Console tables
    By labeling paths with information extracted from Active Directory, or using a property of the path name itself, customers are able to create report views that match their organization, rather than their file-system - invaluable for users who need to quickly understand which file shares they are managing. Now NSS Console widgets can include path labels as a column for extended use of this powerful feature.
  • Scalability, Performance and Stability
    As with all service releases, NSS 9.61 SR2 introduces incremental improvements in scalability, performance and stability. One of the more obvious changes in this area is a performance improvement in how NSS writes scanned data to its SQL database. NSS 9.61 SR2 cuts storing time by up to 66%, offering significant reductions in total scan time for customers managing large numbers of shallow paths, and a smaller but still valuable speed increase for customers managing other types of environments.

Release Notes

This change log details changes made between NSS 9.61 SR1 (NSS9.61.18853.1503) and NSS 9.61 SR2 (NSS9.61.18990.1505).

DNSSK-3039 NSSConsole: Installation fails when doing a clean install with a user account from a different domain  
DNSSK-3033 NSSConsole: Remove unused http connections from NSSX configuration  
DNSSK-3023 NSSConsole: Display error message when widget fails to load  
DNSSK-3011 NSSConsole: Using 'Path=' URL variable requires escaped path  
DNSSK-3005 NSSConsole: Adding Path Label Expression times out  
DNSSK-2998 NSSConsole: Installer should not ask for service credentials during upgrade  
DNSSK-2994 NSSConsole: US012 - Summary Widgets  
DNSSK-2992 NSSConsole: US011 - Path Label as grid column  
DNSSK-2988 NSSConsole: US010 Export to Excel - Grid widgets  
DNSSK-2975 NQS: QS Reports don't show Japanese characters properly in mails  
DNSSK-2964 NSSConsole: Views should be dynamically updated when creating/deleting a Path Category  
DNSSK-2947 NSSConsole: Improve error handling when adding wrong path in Data Scan  
DNSSK-2937 NSR: Improve speed when storing to database  
DNSSK-2884 NSR: The start time of the next scan is not set properly when the start time is in the past  
DNSSK-2581 NSSConsole: Path Labeling - Add Support for Grouping in Growth History  
DNSSK-2301 NSS: Host scan path exclusion doesn't work as expected NP-7958
DNSSK-1780 NSSConsole: Client side caching of data  


NSS 9.61 SR2 is a GD version. Meaning that it is a recommended upgrade for all customers. Contact your account manager or Solution Manager (for customers with Augmented Support and Maintenance) for further details and upgrade assistance

KB Article: 3081

Updated: 5/18/2015

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    • 9.61.18990.1505 [9.61 SR2]

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