What is/are: New in NSS 9.61 SR1 (Release Notes)


  • Connecting Reports with Action : 'Go To Path' for IE users
    NSS 9.61 SR1 introduces the ability for users to move directly from reports in the NSS Console to file system shares in Windows Explorer. Having identified a top-level path where a large amounts of old, prohibited or miss-located data exists, users can immediately open Windows Explorer at that path and begin taking action to remedy the situation. Northern understands the importance of making reports actionable, so report users can efficiently turn insight into action - this is a primary focus area for NSS Console development.
  • Drill-down in NSS Console: The Single Path View
    Now report users can quickly access additional information about a path they are interested in. The Single Path View displays information such as growth rates, largest files, data age distribution, oldest files, file type group and file owner distribution. Using this deeper level of insight, coupled with the ability to directly access the file system from the NSS Console, report users are able to efficiently manage the data they are responsible for.
  • NetApp ONTAP 8.3 - HDS HNAS 12.3
    NSS 9.61 SR1 is the recommended version for all customer installations. However the version includes important changes which make it a required version for customers managing NetApp Data ONTAP 8.3 and HDS HNAS 12.3 devices.
  • Performance and Scalability
    As a service release, NSS 9.61 SR1 includes the expected performance and scalability evolutions. Customers can expect significant improvements in the speed with which the NSS Console displays summary information and in the population of data tables, also the total time required to produce custom reports will be noticeably reduced.

Release Notes

This change log details changes made between NSS 9.61 (NSS9.61.18723.1502) and NSS 9.61 SR1 (NSS9.61.18853.1503).

DNSSK-2936 NSSConsole: Add FullPath to Expression parser  
DNSSK-2935 NSR: Add HDS option to the Host Type page  
DNSSK-2934 NQS: Ensure CDOT servers can be discovered also with ONTAP 8.3  
DNSSK-2927 NSSConsole: US008 - Add possibility to choose time range to Single Path View  
DNSSK-2911 NSR: Improve speed when storing custom reports to database  
DNSSK-2894 NSR: Add more information to Dr. Northern  
DNSSK-2885 NSR: The ScanTime in the Jobs table includes some post-scan activities  
DNSSK-2883 NSR: Under certain circumstances, DFS paths can be skipped by a Host Scan with levels down setting  
DNSSK-2875 NSSConsole: Alter all remaining queries to use Rule view to improve performance  
DNSSK-2872 NSSConsole: US008 - Open folder in explorer for IE from dashboard widgets  
DNSSK-2870 NSSConsole: US008 - Implement "Shrink to fit" for Path and File Columns  
DNSSK-2868 NSSConsole: US008 - Open folder in IE for file list widgets  
DNSSK-2866 NSSConsole: US008 - Drill Down From Dashboard to Single Path View  
DNSSK-2835 NSR: Different date format in custom report when exporting from database  
DNSSK-2771 NQS: Ensure quota usage calculation handles ACL locking on EMC Isilon NP-8264
DNSSK-2240 NSSConsole: Tooltip of sparkline chart is too wide and not readable  


NSS 9.61 SR1 is a GD version. Meaning that it is a recommended upgrade for all customers. Contact your account manager or Solution Manager (for customers with Augmented Support and Maintenance) for further details and upgrade assistance

KB Article: 3073

Updated: 3/27/2015

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