What is/are: New in NSS 9.61 (Release Notes)


  • Performance Improvements in Report Display
    The NSS Console is fast becoming the standard UDM reporting vehicle for organizations looking to achieve both global insight into file system content and insight for data owners within the lines of business. NSS 9.61 introduces several changes in the NSS Console that combine to provide significantly faster data display for users/data owners who have access to reports including multiple shares. The NSS Console is not installed by default when NSS is installed – please contact your account manager or Solution Manager (for customers with Augmented Support and Maintenance) for further details.
  • Full UDM capabilities for Hitachi Data Systems HNAS Customers
    The culmination of many months of strongly co-operative work with HDS Engineering, NSS 9.61 introduces full support for HDS HNAS systems. Now HNAS customers are able to enjoy the full range of UDM policies available within NSS. In order make use of these capabilities, customers will need to update their NSS systems to NSS 9.61 and their HNAS systems to HDS/HNAS version 12.3, which has a target release date of April 20th. This advancement further demonstrates Northern’s commitment to supporting its customers in their initiatives to drive down the cost and risk of user data, seamlessly across the entire storage environment.
  • Customized Dashboards and Path Labels in NSS Console
    The NSS Console in version 9.61 has a new layout to allow more dashboards to be available in the menu system. This is necessary because users now have the ability to create their own custom dashboards. Pulling existing data from the NSS database, users can configure their own dashboards and widgets to display exactly the data they need to see, in exactly the way they need to see it. Additionally the NSS Console now offers the ability to label paths. Whereas Path Categories are a generic high-level categorization of paths, Path Labels are used to tag paths with organization-specific information. For example, using Path Labels that integrate with Active Directory, customers can now view growth in all Home Shares grouped by department or view data age in Project Shares grouped by project owner email addresses. Path Labels support regular expressions and integrate with Active Directory.
  • Further Support for Japanese Language
    With the introduction of NSS 9.61, it is now possible to use Japanese Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana characters in the subject line for quota email notifications. It has been possible to use and view Japanese characters in many parts of the quota management interface for some time (event log messages, quota paths, email notification body, etc.), this change now allows mail subject lines to include Japanese characters.

Release Notes

This change log details changes made between NSS 9.6 SR2 (NSS9.60.18562.1411) and NSS 9.61 (NSS9.61.18723.1502).

DNSSK-2793 Console: Age and Cost Dashboards loading data synchronously  
DNSSK-2768 Console: Cannot add DB Connection - Migration from initial database fails  
DNSSK-2760 Console: Store Default Dashboard to DB  
DNSSK-2759 Console: Text Changes and Menu icons for new dashboards  
DNSSK-2740 Console: Improve resolving of user sid NP-8258
DNSSK-2734 Console: Add View Profile Support To User View  
DNSSK-2724 NQS: Improve Event Log messages when sending notification emails  
DNSSK-2705 NSR: Database queries submitted from the Config page fail when there is a large amount of data NP-8215
DNSSK-2696 NSR: Improve memory usage when loading snapshot NP-8215
DNSSK-2695 NSR: Dr. Northern should include information from the Jobs table  
DNSSK-2694 NSR: Fatal spikes in memory usage during Duplicate Report scans NP-8214
DNSSK-2693 NSR: Error messages (if any) are lost when exporting to CSV files in custom reports  
DNSSK-2692 NSR: Host scan fails to get physical path for DFS path  
DNSSK-2679 NQS: Make it possible to enter/display Japanese characters in Mail Subject in QS Client NP-8203
DNSSK-2658 NQS: Introduce a setting for allowing/prohibiting Open Read of blocked files in NetApp 7-mode  
DNSSK-2656 NQS: QSDELETE NSSServer * does not delete all quotas on the server  
DNSSK-2632 NQS: Non-CIFS updated platforms don't always show if a quota goes valid/invalid through e.g. rename of a folder.  
DNSSK-2609 NSR: Add registry setting to control max scan depth  
DNSSK-2596 NQS: Remove Binary File Block feature  
DNSSK-2588 US005: User View Configuration - Top X Data Usage Widget  
DNSSK-2586 US005: User View Configuration - New Default Dashboard  
DNSSK-2584 US005: User View Configuration - New Menu System  
DNSSK-2549 US005: User View configuration support for adding/removing widgets and view states  
DNSSK-2542 US004: Automatic Path Categorization  
DNSSK-2529 US003: Path Labeling - Setting labels on paths, automatic and manual  
DNSSK-2320 NQS: Hitachi HNAS integration  


NSS 9.61 is a GD version. Meaning that it is a recommended upgrade for all customers. Contact your account manager or Solution Manager (for customers with Augmented Support and Maintenance) for further details and upgrade assistance

KB Article: 3060

Updated: 2/16/2015

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