What is/are: New in NSS 9.6 SR2 (Release Notes)


  • Improved Security for the NSS Data-gathering API
    Many customers are making use of the NSS Data-gathering API to collect and present highly detailed information. This information is helping them to design and enforce very specific UDM policies that achieve material effects on user behaviour and data footprints in their organization. Previously, securing this method of data collection has relied on the use of mutual certificates. Although proven as a secure method, the setup and maintenance of such a system can be complex. NSS 9.6 SR2 introduces a more straightforward method: requiring that the API caller account is a member of a specific Local Group on the NSS Server that is used to perform the data gathering job. This group must be named "NSSCoreAdmins" and any account that should be able to use the Data-gathering API must be a member of this group. The only exception is the NSS Core Server service account, which always has the right to use the Data-gathering API.
    NOTE: Prior to upgrade to 9.6 SR2, it is necessary to review any previously configured workflows that use the Data-gathering API, ensure that the "NSSCoreAdmins" local group exists on the NSS servers being used and that all API caller accounts are members of this group (the NSS Core Server service account does not need to be a member of the NSSCoreAdmins group, only other accounts that should be able to interact with the Data-gathering API). More information is available in KB-3053.
  • Performance Improvements in NSS Console data display
    The Data Analysis displays in the console make use of complex SQL queries to aggregate and display data from the NSS database. These queries are significantly more time-consuming to execute than queries used in other parts of the console Dashboards and negatively affected the responsiveness of the whole interface. NSS 9.6 SR2 introduces a change where data for these Data Analysis widgets can be partially pre-calculated, this allows for more simple queries to be used when the data is being viewed and therefore faster data display. It is necessary for certain pre-requisites to be fulfilled before this feature can be used. More information is available in KB-3052.
  • Improved support for Japanese characters in Quota Server error messages and interface
    In previous versions of NSS certain parts of the quota management interface were unable to correctly show double-byte characters, Japanese language characters for example. This problem could result in paths strings becoming unreadable, for example. In addition, NSS was incorrectly storing double-byte characters into its internal error logs, again resulting in garbled display in the interface itself. The known problems in these areas have been resolved.

Release Notes

This change log details changes made between NSS 9.6 SR1 (NSS9.60.18380.1410) and NSS 9.6 SR2 (NSS9.60.18562.1411).

DNSSK-2619 NQS: Files without an extension are blocked when a file block of any file type has been defined NP-8176
DNSSK-2614 NQS: Japanese strings (paths) are incorrectly stored to History NP-8163
DNSSK-2607 NSR: The custom report CSV is only created if items are found in the scan  
DNSSK-2602 NQS: Japanese paths shown with incorrect characters in History lower pane  
DNSSK-2548 NSR: Improve authorization to the Data-gathering API  
DNSSK-2534 WebClient: Allow re-configuration of databases for NSS, NSSX, client, etc.  
DNSSK-2530 WebClient: RuleSync Configure Window does not show the Includes/Excludes after reopening the window  
DNSSK-2528 WebClient: Split Data Overview Query into two queries  
DNSSK-2523 NSR: The database indexes should only be rebuilt when they need to be  
DNSSK-2496 WebClient: Update the RuleSync gui to add the entry immediately when pressing Add to Include/Exclude  
DNSSK-2472 WebClient: Failed to add rule when running in top domain NP-8106
DNSSK-2431 NSR: Pre-calculate file type group aggregations in Host Scan post-process  
DNSSK-2631 NSR: Make File Type Aggregate Data Query Optional  
DNSSK-2348 NSR: Event log message claims 0 files/directories were scanned when scan is aborted  


NSS 9.6 SR2 is a GD version. Meaning that it is a recommended upgrade for all customers. Contact your account manager or Solution Manager (for customers with Augmented Support and Maintenance) for further details and upgrade assistance


  • KB3053 What is/are: Secure Use of the NSS Data-gathering API
  • KB3052 What is/are: File Type Group Data Aggregation Option
  • KB Article: 3050

    Updated: 11/26/2014

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