What is/are: New in NSS 9.6 SR1 (Release Notes)


  • File System Permission Synchronization
    This new capability allows NSS administrators to automatically provide users with access to reports that include 'their' shares. With this feature enabled, when the user logs into the NSS console the reports they view will include all of the shares where their AD group membership allows them read or write (configurable) privileges. In other words, with a few simple configurations in NSS, organizations can allow all users to view reports about the shares they have access to within the file systems - without the need to manage an additional set of permissions or rules. Extremely low maintenance cost and fully secure access to UDM reports throughout the organization.
  • Report access rules on AD Groups
    Manual or scripted NSS Console Access Rules can now be set on domain groups. This feature will allow organizations to more easily manage the manual/scripted creation and maintenance of report access rules. Allow all members of the Engineering group to view reports about the condition and trends of Engineering department and project folders, for example.
  • Owner-less Scanning
    The file system scan that is used to populate the console and Storage Reporter interfaces collects file ownership information. Collecting owner SIDs and querying Active Directory to resolve owners is the most time consuming part of this scan. In some environments ownership information is not reliable or useful, ownership having been lost in a migration project for example. In order to avoid using time to collect information that is not useful, a manual switch (registry or database configuration) has been added that allows customers in this situation to turn off file ownership retrieval. This switch does not remove reports that rely on this information from the reporting clients, these reports are still displayed but without data.
  • Stability and Performance
    NSS 9.6 SR1 is a service release, providing delivery of adjustments and improvements to offer a more resilient and robust version of the current feature set. NSS9.6 SR1 is a recommended upgrade for all customers.

Release Notes

This change log details changes made between NSS 9.6 (NSS9.60.18274.1408) and NSS 9.6 SR1 (NSS9.60.18380.1410).

DNSSK-2484 NSR: The database connection string in the "Scan Execution Action.xml" file can become invalid Fixed NP-8092
DNSSK-2483 WebClient: Installer requires NSS Core service to be installed Fixed NP-8083
DNSSK-2480 NSR: The NSS Core service should handle a database error on startup better Fixed  
DNSSK-2477 NQS: Change font to support Japanese characters in QS Client edit fields Fixed NP-8102
DNSSK-2470 NQS: Files without an extension not blocked correctly on a *.* file block Fixed  
DNSSK-2467 NSR: Add FolderCount() to the set of available Reporting columns Fixed  
DNSSK-2465 NQS: Problems with QSExport -et and subsequent QSIMPORT Fixed  
DNSSK-2464 WebClient: Update Rules API to support manual/auto rules Fixed  
DNSSK-2462 WebClient: User lookup fails when adding rule in another domain Fixed  
DNSSK-2461 WebClient: RuleSync. Allow setting StartDateTime as we allow in DataScan Fixed  
DNSSK-2451 WebClient: Event Log messages for Japanese paths are displayed incorrectly in Japanese Windows Fixed NP-8070
DNSSK-2443 WebClient: Page not displayed correctly in IE 9 Fixed NP-8057
DNSSK-2438 NSR: NSS Core Server fails to load snapshot Fixed  
DNSSK-2436 NSR: Host Scan retention policy doesn't work when using "levels below path" Fixed  
DNSSK-2433 NSR: Add Physical Size column to Host Scan tables that now only have Logical Size Fixed  
DNSSK-2432 NSR: Add option to skip ownership collection in Host Scan Fixed  
DNSSK-2426 WebClient: Data Scan Exclusion and Summary UI Fixed  
DNSSK-2416 WebClient: US001 - Apply Rules on AD Groups Fixed  
DNSSK-2409 WebClient: US002 - Mirroring File System Permissions To Rules Fixed  
DNSSK-2373 WebClient: Show loading status for cost data Fixed  
DNSSK-2343 NQS: We get error 1728 when trying to get share info and enumerating shares on a VNX Fixed NP-8080
DNSSK-2334 WebClient: Host scan scheduling accepts any string for time, date and repeat fields. Fixed  


NSS 9.6 SR1 is a GD version. Meaning that it is a recommended upgrade for all customers. Contact your account manager or Solution Manager (for customers with Augmented Support and Maintenance) for further details and upgrade assistance

KB Article: 3048

Updated: 10/13/2014

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