What is/are: New in NSS 9.5 SR3 (Release Notes)


  • Stability and Performance
    NSS 9.5 SR3 is a service release, providing a bulk delivery of adjustments and improvements to offer a more resilient and robust version of the current feature set. NSS9.5 SR3 is a recommended upgrade for all customers, including customers currently using NSS 9.0. Contact your account manager or Solution Manager (for customers with Augmented Support and Maintenance) for further details and upgrade assistance
  • Console Usability and Information Visualization Improvements
    Much focus is being placed on the new reporting interface. This console is designed to support both the needs of storage owners, looking to gain insight into how the user population is utilizing file storage services, and the growing need to securely distribute insight to specific data owners within the lines of business. 9.5 SR3 introduces further enhancements in information visualization to aid the work of these Data Stewards; supporting business initiatives to drive down cost and risk through User Data Management.

Release Notes

This change log details changes made between NSS 9.5 SR2 (NSS9.50.17969.1404) and NSS 9.5 SR3 (NSS9.50.18067.1405).

DNSSK-2245 WebClient: Export Button is not visible in IE8 Fixed  
DNSSK-2244 WebClient: Detail expanding for growth grids not working in IE8 Fixed  
DNSSK-2238 WebClient: Data age colors difficult to distinguish Fixed CR #096
DNSSK-2213 NSR: Misleading "Preparing to scan" status after host scan has completed Fixed  
DNSSK-2209 WebClient: Possibility to change Company Logo and Use custom look, css Fixed CR #105
DNSSK-2200 WebClient: Import rules from text file Fixed  
DNSSK-2199 WebClient: Move chart legend to grid Fixed  
DNSSK-2198 WebClient: Same x-Axis on all growth charts to enable comparison Fixed  
DNSSK-2196 WebClient: Add spark lines in grouped growth overview grid Fixed  
DNSSK-2194 WebClient: Expandable detail list, to cleanup interface Fixed  
DNSSK-2188 WebClient: Implement path category grouping for overview queries Fixed  
DNSSK-2185 NQS: Notification to denied users in FILEBLOCKS causes QUOTA notification to be delivered Fixed  NP-7706
DNSSK-2177 NSR: Save user properties from AD in the database Fixed  
DNSSK-2173 NSR: Minimum file size limit for Oldest Files Fixed  
DNSSK-2161 WebClient: Better date interval coverage in "data growth" page. Fixed  
DNSSK-2142 WebClient: ExcelExport fails on Data Cost GetSummaryPerPath Fixed  


NSS 9.5 SR3 is a recommended upgrade for all customers.

KB Article: 3036

Updated: 5/28/2014

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  • Affected versions
    • 9.50.18067.1405 [9.5 SR3]

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