How to: Using Variables in Quota Notification Templates


The notifications that are sent when quotas reach set thresholds are determined by the Notification Template Group selected when the quota is configured. These templates can be edited, new Template Groups created, etc. (Knowledge Base article KB-2920 includes useful information about editing templates in general.) Default templates include certain variables that allow organizations to personalize the notifications and make them more relevent to specific circumstances. This article deals specifically with these notification variables.  

Variables Available

The following variables can be included in notification templates:

Quota Property

Syntax in Template



Quota object


Quota account


Quota size


Current quota usage


Current quota usage as %


SmartColumn value 1


SmartColumn value 2


SmartColumn value 3


SmartColumn value 4


SmartColumn value 5



The unit in which quota usage and or size is displayed in the notificaiton (when not shown as a percentage) can be controlled with 'styles'.

The different styles are used by adding the following syntax to the "Data:’QuotaSize’" or "Data:’usage’" variables in the notification templates:

[Data:’QuotaSize’, StyleKiloBytes]
[Data:’QuotaSize’, StyleMegaBytes]
[Data:’QuotaSize’, StyleGigaBytes]
[Data:’QuotaSize’, StyleTeraBytes]
[Data:’QuotaSize’, StyleAutoBytes] where the most appropriate size is automatically selected

Note that the number of decimals shown in the notification is determined by the regional settings on the associated NSS server (the server that holds the notificaiton template being used).

Confirm Results

To confirm successful inclusion of a variable, edit a test quota to use the relevant Notification Template Group then add data to the quota path to force it past the relevant threshold. Verify that the email notification sent is as expected.

Note that any mistake in the syntax of variables used in a notification template will prevent the email notification from being sent, an error will be printed in the Windows Event log highighting the invalid syntax.


  • KB2920 How to: Create New Notification Template and Group
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    Updated: 8/22/2014

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