How to: Identify report type from configuration files


Reports configured in Storage Reporter are stored under the Database\Storage Reporter\Reports folder, in the installation path. Each configured report has its own folder in this structure. It is possible to identify the report type by looking in the xml configuration files; using the class id property found in the Report Definition Action.xml file.



To identify what type a configured report is by looking at the XML configuration files, follow these steps:

  1. Browse to the report folder in Windows explorer (by default C:\Program Files\NORTHERN\Storage Suite\Database\Storage Reporter\Reports\[report name]\)
  2. Open Report Definition Action.xml file in a text editor
  3. Find the <ClassID> tag and compare the id with the list below to identify the report type

Report name Class id
Report on Size 0
Report on Last Access Time 1
Report on Modification Date 2
Report on Creation Date 3
Report on File Extension 5
Report on File Binary Format 6
Report on Archive Attribute 7
Files Owned by User 8
Report on Non-Standard Streams 9
Files Owned by Obsolete User Accounts 10
Report on Duplicate Files 11
Report on Folder Size 12
Report on Folder Size per User 13
Report on Folder Size per File Type 14
Quota Size 15
Report on Folder Size per User  per File Type 17
Host Near-full 100
Host Near-full projection 101
Path Near-full 102
Path Near-full projection 103
Top X Space-consuming Users 104
Top X Growing Users 105
Host Growth 108
Path Growth 110
Report on File Type Growth 112
Report on File Types Above a Certain Threshold 113

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Updated: 8/26/2014

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    • Northern Storage Suite 8.27
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    • NSS 9.0
    • NSS 9.5

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