How to: Remove a Host from Host Management List


As long as there is data related to a host in the database it will be displayed in the Host Management control of the Config page. If you want to remove the host you must delete the data related to the host from the database. This can be done in the Database Management section.

Intended Results

A host that was previously being managed through NSS is removed from the Host Management control. This is sometimes the case when an NSS Managing Host is being removed from a deployment.


  1. If the host that is being removed will not be uninstalled then it is necessary to disable any scheduled NSS scans on the host. Failure to do so will result in the host being put back into the Host Management list.
  2. Expand the Database Management control. In the dropbox labeled "Show database usage by", select to view "[SR] Host". Now select the host that should be removed and click the "Remove" button. Note that when the data is removed it cannot be re-created.

    Database Management

Confirm Results

When the data has been removed from the database the host will no longer appear in the Host Management control.

KB Article: 2814

Updated: 8/22/2014

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  • Affected versions
    • NSS 9.0
    • NSS 9.5

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