How to: Identify the version of your NSS installation


This article describes how to identify the version of Northern Storage Suite that is installed on a managing host.

It is important to know which version of the software that is in use on a server when contacting Northern's support department. It is also important to know which version is in use when browsing the Knowledge Base; to ensure that the articles you are reading apply to your version of the software.

Intended results

By following the procedure below you will collect a numeric code. This numeric code is the version of the software installed on the system in question.

Examples of version numbers are as follows:
4008.27.14383.1001 [for a version produced in 2010 or later]
3008.26.9051.3402 [for a version produced in 2009 or earlier]


Windows Server 2003

1. Click Start>Settings>Control Panel.

2. Open the 'Add/Remove Programs' tool.

3. Locate and select 'Northern Storage Suite'.


4. Click 'Click here for support information'.

5. The version number is displayed. The version 4008.5.15244.1010 is being used in this installation.

version number


Windows Server 2008

1. Click Start>Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features.

2. Browse the programs list to locate Northern Storage Suite.

3. The version number is displayed in the Version column.

Identify Version W2008


Control Management

Another way to identify the version number of the current installation is to access the NSS Config page and then expand the Control Management section. This section displays the version number of your NSS ocx-files. These files are updated with every new build. They reflect your current version number of NSS.

Control Management

Confirm results

You should now be able to view the version of the software installed on this device. In the Windows Server 2003 example above the version in use is 4008.5.15244.1010. In the Windows Server 2008 example above the version in use is 4009.60.18250.1408.


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