How to: Establish the Database Connection in NSS Console


The purpose of this article is to illustrate how to successfully establish the two database connections required by the NSS Console.

Before attempting to establish the two database connections, please ensure that the instructions in KB-3090 are carefully followed. It is mandatory that the databases and the database server logins are configured according to the instructions in the article before a valid connection can be established.

Intended results

A successfully established connection to the two NSS Databases:

  1. NSSData - The primary database where the scanned filesystem data is stored and consolidated.
  2. NSSClient - The secondary database that stores the individual user settings for the NSS Console.


  1. Go to the 'Overview'-tab in the Administrative interface of the NSS Console. This page is automatically prompted after installing the NSS Console.

    NSS Console Overview
  2. Configure the connection to the NSS Data Database. Click on the first 'Configure'-button to generate the box that will allow you to specify the required database information. Click on 'OK' to apply the changes. A clarification of the different fields can be found below the screenshot.

    NSS Console: NSSData

    • Host: The name of your database server (or database server instance).

      If you are using SQL instances, specify the host name with the syntax “SERVER_NAME\INSTANCE_NAME”. If you are using SQL Express (laboratory or POC installation) it is likely that “EXPRESS” should be used as the instance name.

      If the SQL server does not use the standard TCP/IP port 1433, it is necessary to append the port number to the host name, separating with a comma, i.e. “SERVER_NAME[\INSTANCE_NAME],PORTNUMBER”. You can check your connection port in SQL Server Configuration Manager (SQL Native Client Configuration -->Client Protocols).

    • Database Name: The name of your primary NSS database (NSSData).
    • Use Windows Authentication: If checked, the NSS Console will use Windows Authentication for the database authorization. If unchecked, the authentication method will switch to SQL Authentication. This will enable two new fields in the graphical interface;
      • Username: The name of your SQL Authentication account.
      • Password: The password of your SQL Authentication account.
    Expected result:

    NSS Console: NSSData Established
  3. Configure the connection to the NSS Client Database. Click on the second 'Configure'-button to generate the box that will allow you to specify the required database information.

    The only thing that differs in this step compared to the previous one is the name of the database. Specify the name of the secondary database (NSSClient) and click OK to apply the changes.

    NSS Console: NSSClient

    Expected result:

    NSS Console: NSSClient Established

Confirm results

The overview page should look like the last screenshot in the previous section when everything is configured correctly. This information should be visible:

  • NSSX Service database connection is configured correctly.
  • NSS Console connection is configured correctly.
  • Client Database is configured correctly.

Exit the Administration page to verify that data is displayed in the NSS Console interface and that changes to the dashboards can be made and stored without any errors.

If you are unable to establish the database connection, please verify that all steps in KB-3090 have been followed. Missing database permissions are usually the culprit when the NSS Console fails to connect to the two databases. Also, make sure that the database server name and the database names are correctly spelled. 

For advanced troubleshooting, please contact the Technical Support team at Northern (


  • KB3090 How to: Configure SQL Server Database Permissions
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