How to: Enabling Filter Driver Log Files


This article is a Troubleshooting article intended to compare Quota Size information between QSFilter.sys and NSS Quota Server.exe (service).

Getting information from the QSfilter.sys driver regarding the status of Local User quotas is a possible troubleshooting step, this article describes how to get output from Local USER quotas directly from the Filter Driver used to calculate and manage quota usage.

Intended results

Local User quotas are managed through a filter driver (qsfilter.sys), this driver contains information about quotas and their usage and then communicates this to the NSS Quota Server service. It is unlikely but possible that the information supplied by NSS is wrong when compared to the actual size of the directory, by comparing size information it is possible to find out if this misrepresentation of the quota size exists in the qsfilter.sys, the service or the client.

This is an article on how to gather information, it does not provide any solutions, please contact third level support with any information gathered through this troubleshooting procedure.

A file c:\qsfilterl0.log will be ready for further analysis.


Print out usage from Filter Driver

1. Open registry editor

2. Navigate to "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\QSFilter"

3. Add a value of "STRING" type with name "TraceQuotas"

This will create a file c:\qsfilter0.log

Copy usage from Client (information provided by service

This is an optional but suggested procedure; in order to provide further information, all quotas will be exported into an Excel file.

1. Open Quota Server client

2. Navigate to File System Quota Display

3. Use "Select All" through left click context menu on quotas

4. Through left click context menu select "Copy"

5. Open Excel and paste the quotas into the document and save the document

Also, a Doctor Northern is most of the time requested in case of this kind of advanced analysis.

Confirm results

Filter driver Trace File

KB Article: 1774

Updated: 12/6/2011

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    • Northern Storage Suite 8.5
    • - 4008.57.15634.1105 [8.57]
    • - 4008.50.15514.1103 [8.5 SR5]
    • - 4008.50.15244.1010 [8.5 SR4]
    • - 4008.50.15043.1007 [8.5 SR3]
    • - 4008.50.14905.1005 [8.5 SR2]
    • - 4008.50.14822.1004 [8.5 SR1]
    • - 4008.50.14724.1003
    • Northern Storage Suite 8.6
    • - 4008.60.15778.1106
    • Northern Storage Suite 8.7
    • - 4008.70.16069.1110
    • - 4008.70.16177.1112 [8.7 SR1]

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