How to: Create a 'Quota Size' Report in Storage Reporter


There is a scheduled report avaialble in the Storage Reporter component of NSS which is used to take snapshots of the current size and usage level of quota policies. The wizard used to create this report is misleading, asking for a path to scan when the input required is the name of an NSS host where quotas are configured.

Intended results

Successfully configuring a quota size report that collects the Object/Path, Quota Size, Quota Usage and the User information from a specific NSS host which is managing quota policies. 


1. Open Storage Reporter and go to the Reports tab. The report at the end of th list is Quota Size. Choose Define.

2. Once in the define screen click Add...

3. Run through the Schedule Report Wizard to the Northern Storage Suite - Path page


3. Press Edit.. to get Include Paths

4. Here you choose Add > Browse for path(s).


5. You cannot browse for the path despite the instruction. You need to manually add the server name in the Path field. The server specificed here should be the server that is managing the quotas you want a report for.


6. Complete the wizard (it is not necessary to adjust the default settings for excluded paths).

Confirm results

After running the configured quota size report check the result under the Results tab. If successful the report should collect a result set as follows:


KB Article: 2821

Updated: 8/28/2014

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    • Northern Storage Suite 8.6
    • Northern Storage Suite 8.7

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