How to: Configure SMTP Mail Server Settings for Quota Notifications


This article describes how to configure SMTP settings in order to use the quota notification features of Northern Storage Suite. This is a straightforward process that is performed for each NSS host that is managing quotas.

In order to complete these steps an SMTP server must be available in the network and the operator must have the details of a mail account with sufficient privelidges to send mail from that server.

Intended Results

After completing these steps it should be possible to trigger email notifications to be sent when quota thresholds are breached.


  1. Open the Quota Server client and click the 'System' tab on the left.
  2. Click the Quota Servers icon. A list of all connected Quota Server servers will be displayed. Add servers through the network tree (right-click>Add) if necessary.
  3. In the Properties Pane select and right-click on the servers (shift/ctrl select) that should be configured and select New or Modify from the drop-down menu. The Properties Pane becomes available for editing. Set up of SMTP server
  4. Select the Mail tab.
  5. In the Mail Subsystem field, choose SMTP.
  6. Type the name of the SMTP server in the SMTP Server field.
  7. Type the name of an account that can send mail from that server in the SMTP Sender field. [Mail notifications will be delivered using this account as the sender.]
  8. Specify the subject attribute of quota notification mails sent by Quota Server.
  9. Press Enter, or right-click anywhere in the properties pane and select Apply, to commit your changes.

Relaying Messages off Exchange 2003 and 2007
In some environments it may be necessary to take additional steps in order to accomodate security directives. In a tightly controlled Exchange 2003 environment it may be necessary to add the IP address of the NSS application servers that will be sending email (all servers with quotas) to the SMTP relay. It may also be necessary to configure an SMTP Virtual Server. In Exchange 2007 the relaying system was changed. The requirement now, for environments where anonymous authentication is not possible, is that an SMTP Recieve Connector is configured. Please consult the relevant Microsoft Documentation and/or your internal mail services team for more information about your needs.

Confirm results

Configure a test quota on a suitable folder. Ensure that this quota is configured to send notifications to your email address. Now push the usage level of this quota past a threshold. Check your inbox and confirm receipt of the quota notification email.


  • KB2841 About: Configuring Email Addresses for Quota Notifications
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    Updated: 12/18/2014

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