How to: Configure HDS/HNAS & NSS


This article covers the essential steps needed to integrate HDS/HNAS with Quota Server. A successful integration between the two sources is mandatory for quota enforcement. This type of integration requires that your Northern Storage Suite installation is upgraded to version 9.61 SR1 or later and that the HNAS is running release 12.3 or later.

Actions required on the NSS server

Add “nssnotify” to NullSessionPipes under HKLM/System/CurrentControlSet/Services/lanmanserver/parameters in the registry on the server where the NSS Quota Server service runs.

Actions on the HNAS side

A number of actions must be taken in order to enable and configure the HDS technology ready for NSS integration. An overview of the necessary steps is described below:

  • For each EVS that is to work with NSS:
    • CIFS server name must be created and must be joined to the same domain as the NSS server
    • File-filtering feature needs to be enabled – this is the feature on the HNAS that integrates with NSS. This can be run in advance of NSS being registered with the EVS.
  • A domain user is required to be added to the Backup Users group of Local Users that matches the user under which the NSS Quota Server service is to be run.  If not using Global security context, this will need to be configured on a per-EVS basis.

Full details of how each of these actions should be carried out are described in the relevant HNAS documentation.

Confirm results

When the steps have been completed  you can proceed to test quota locking functionality in order to verify the configuration. Please ensure that these tests are carried out with a regular user account on a different machine. File operations performed directly on the NSS server could by-pass the file policy rules.

Example of a testing procedure:

  1. Create an Object quota, selecting HDS as the platform, assign a locking action to a threshold.  Suggested value: 'Lock dir'
  2. Copy files to the quota path, to push the folder over the locking threshold.  Use a network client for the copy action.
  3. The first file passing through the quota activates the associated action, but it will be allowed to be saved. The next attempt to copy should be blocked if the settings are correct.

For advanced troubleshooting, please contact the Technical Support team at Northern (

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Updated: 12/7/2016

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