What is/are: Runtime Architecture: NSS Console


The NSS Console is the primary reporting interface for viewing reports and analysis of the growing and aging volumes of data within the organization. By configuring access rules, the organization has the opportunity to distribute access to the console; Role-adapted Reporting. By providing data owners within the lines of business access to this information, they are able and encouraged to actively particiapte in managing the costs and risks associated with user data.

This article provides a high-level overview of the runtime architecture of the NSS console.

Deployment Objects


Note that the SQL Server does not need to be a dedicated machine. A pre-existing SQL Server, with a suitably low latency (~1ms) connection to the NSS Scanning Hosts and NSS Web Server can be used.


Runtime Operations


1. Target file systems are scanned by NSS Scanning Host

2. Gathered data is consolidated and then stored into MS SQL database

3. UserA attempts to log in to the NSS Console to view reports

4. Credentials of UserA are confirmed in Active Directory by browser

5. UserA successfully logs in to the NSS Console

6. Console Client Database is queried to collect UserA’s specific view settings

7. NSS database is queried to collect the list of paths for display

8. Views are populated and displayed to UserA


  • KB3043 What is/are: Communication Channels: UDM Reporting
  • KB2857 About: The significance of network latency in report scanning speeds
  • KB Article: 3041

    Updated: 9/13/2016

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      • NSS 9.6

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