What is/are: New in NSS 9.6 (Release Notes)


  • New UDM Reporting Client
    For more than one year, Northern has been working with customers to develop a new User Data Management reporting interface. This interface, the NSS Console, is currently being used by a number of customers to deliver a more information-rich and UDM-policy focused view of data creation and retention - allowing significantly more efficient pro-active management of user data. As developmental milestones are reached, this new console is being made available to more and more customers. Customers are able to use the new console in parallel with the legacy Storage Reporter interface, and the legacy interface is still included in the NSS installation package. Contact your account manager or Solution Manager (for customers with Augmented Support and Maintenance) for further details about the NSS Console and for software download instructions. 
  • Role-adapted Reporting - Information display
    This new capability was first announced at the release of NSS 9.5 (Release Notes). Northern has continued to develop this feature, in close co-operation with early-adopters. Improvements in NSS 9.6 focus on information display; making information easier to understand and act upon. It is also now possible for users to create their own views, filtering paths displayed to create dashboards that reflect how they want to manage the shares for which they are responsible. This is a focus area for Northern and more changes will be introduced during the coming development cycles.
  • Further improved scalability in quota usage-level updating on EMC VNX and Celerra
    Northern has introduced an optional second method of 'listening' for file system changes. By using CEPA pre-events to maintain quota usage-levels, instead of CIFS change notifications, customers with large and active environments are able to set and maintain a larger number of quota policies. Customers can identify CIFS server resource exhaustion when the error "1450" is displayed in the Application Event Log and corresponding "Too many access from CAVA server xx.xx.xx.xx:" error in the EMC Command Station. More information can be found here. Contact Northern Support or your Solution Manager (for customers with Augmented Support and Maintenance) for information about how to make the registry and CEPP.conf changes necessary to engage this new quota monitoring method.
  • Extended support for NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP configurations
    Working in close co-operation with NetApp development teams, Northern has extended the flexibility of its Clustered Data ONTAP support. It is now possible to take advantage of all of Northern's User Data Management capabilities across single branched tree, multiple branched tree and multiple stand-alone volume configurations of NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP.
  • Custom data-gathering engine - custom reports
    Northern has prepared an API that opens all of the possibilities of it's data-gathering engine to customers familiar with scripting. It is now possible, through scripts, to call the file-system scanning capabilities of NSS and create reports that include a massive range of meta-data types and file properties, filtered and grouped in any number of ways. Documentation and script examples are included in the software download package. Northern can assist in the creation of custom report scripts, as a Professional Service. Contact your account manager or Solution Manager (for customers with Augmented Support and Maintenance) for further information and quotation.

Release Notes

This change log details changes made between NSS 9.5 SR4 (NSS9.50.18206.1407) and NSS 9.6 (NSS9.60.18274.1408).

DNSSK-2303 WebClient: Make it possible to use * in access rule definitions. Fixed  
DNSSK-2302 WebClient: Admin overview may show invalid connection string for NSSXService DB when in fact it is correct. Fixed  
DNSSK-2295 WebClient: Add Client DB details to Administrator Overview. Fixed  
DNSSK-2290 WebClient: Empty page is shown when link does not end with forward slash. Fixed NP-7940
DNSSK-2284 WebClient: Add Client Database configuration options in Administrator view. Fixed  
DNSSK-2282 WebClient: Add Host scan scheduler configuration in Administrator view. Fixed  
DNSSK-2281 WebClient: Add Host Scan configuration in Administrator view (basic). Fixed  
DNSSK-2280 WebClient: Show which database is configured for NSSX and Console in Administrator view. Fixed  
DNSSK-2272 WebClient: Indicate growth or decrease in change per path. Fixed  
DNSSK-2265 WebClient: Implement installation package for NSSX (NSX installer). Fixed  
DNSSK-2263 WebClient: Can't remove all paths from a path category. Fixed  
DNSSK-2246 WebClient: Export to Excel doesn't work in some widgets. Fixed  
DNSSK-2232 NQS: If the Notice field on a quota was set with an error code and Quota Server is restarted it will show the old value. Fixed  
DNSSK-2214 NSR: Implement custom scan API - custom file level reports, scripted. Fixed  
DNSSK-2193 WebClient: Implement adding/deleting and editing of views (user). Fixed CR#98
DNSSK-2171 NQS: NAS (ACL) locking denies changing the ACL. Fixed  
DNSSK-2151 WebClient: A path that is recently added to host scan should count as positive growth. Fixed  
DNSSK-2049 NQS: Replace ReadDirectoryChanges with FPolicy/CEPACheckEvent info (Clustered Data ONTAP and EMC VNX/Celerra). Fixed  
DNSSK-2024 WebClient: Browser resizng doesn't work properly with IE8 and IE9. Fixed  
DNSSK-1832 NSR: Bad performance of Mail File Export of a large file. Fixed NP-7948
DNSSK-1762 NQS: Add support for QSEXPORT of quota templates. Fixed NP-7935
DNSSK-1524 NQS: Multi-domain support in %ADProperty. Fixed CR#39
DNSSK-2390 WebClient: Investigate support for rules on AD groups. Implementation in next sprint. Fixed  
DNSSK-2388 WebClient: NSSX Log file does not contain exception details. Fixed  
DNSSK-2375 NQS: AutoGroup Quotas to refresh group when quota is refreshed. Fixed  
DNSSK-2368 WebClient: Client side implementation of rules search. Fixed  
DNSSK-2367 WebClient: Installation package should check if KB-980368 is installed. Fixed  
DNSSK-2366 WebClient: Path category search, Server Implementation. Fixed  
DNSSK-2365 WebClient: Path category search, Client Implementation. Fixed  
DNSSK-2362 WebClient: Menu and button text on Admin page is not shown, IDs are shown instead. Fixed  
DNSSK-2359 NQS: Improve support for asterisk usage in File Block Wizard. Fixed NP-8018
DNSSK-2358 WebClient: Growth per path list is too long and creates empty space. Fixed  
DNSSK-2340 NSR: Recursive symbolic directory links aren't skipped, relying on scandepthlimit to reduce excessive scanning. Fixed  
DNSSK-2329 WebClient: Add IIS pre-requisites check in the Console Installer. Fixed  
DNSSK-2326 WebClient: Create installation package for NSS Console (Console Installer) Fixed  
DNSSK-2324 WebClient: Erroneous display of internal paths on "Data Age Overview" and "Accumulated Data Cost" widgets. Fixed  
DNSSK-2314 WebClient: Host scan configuration, set database when configuring host scan. Fixed  
DNSSK-2313 WebClient: Errors are not handled when editing path categories. Fixed  
DNSSK-2312 WebClient: Increase the default size of communication buffer between NSSX and Console. Fixed  
DNSSK-2270 NQS: Lookup of groups with special characters in them, e.g. +, fails. Fixed NP-6618
DNSSK-2264 WebClient: Improve file type query to speed up widget population. Fixed  
DNSSK-2127 WebClient: Can't add rule for a user in different (remote to the NSS Console machine) domain. Fixed  
DNSSK-2043 WebClient: Provide feedback when export is pressed. Fixed  
DNSSK-2031 NQS: Errors may occur in handling specific Japanese characters in notification email (spurious line breaks may occur). Fixed NP-7793


NSS 9.6 is a GA version. Meaning that it is available to customers who are experiencing unexpected behaviour in an older version that is listed as resolved in the table above, and to customers who wish to take advantage of new capabilities introduced in this version.

KB Article: 3044

Updated: 8/29/2014

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