Specific Error: Failed to get Netapp api version for filer

Specific Error Message

In the event viewer, the 2750 message is displayed with the following description:

"Failed to lock path: ...  with state 1
Failed to get Netapp api version for filer: ...
Can't connect to host (err=10061)" 

Error And Context

Northern Storage Suite is able to communicate with the Netapp filer via both HTTP and HTTPS. Certain configuration steps must be carried out on the NetApp filer before the HTTPS communication channel can be correctly used. It is likely that there is a mismatch between the communication channel selected in NSS and the configuration of the NetApp Filer.

It is imporant to note that, due to limitations in the underlying technology, SSL is not supported on vfilers, and therefore HTTPS cannot be used on these. More information on SSL for VFilers can be found on the NetApp NOW site and community pages.

Error Trigger

This error occurs when the NetApp filer is set on HTTPS  communication and Quota Server is set on HTTP towards NetApp or vice versa. Confirm the settings in Quota Server GUI: System>Quota Servers and the field 'NetAppConnectionType'. The default setting is HTTP.


Verify the settings from the NetApp with the command options httpd in the CLI.
In order for NSS and Quota Server to be able to connect with HTTPS, httpd.admin.ssl.enable needs to be turned on.

NAF1> options httpd
httpd.access                 legacy    
httpd.admin.access           legacy    
httpd.admin.enable           on        
httpd.admin.hostsequiv.enable off       
httpd.admin.max_connections  512       
httpd.admin.ssl.enable       on        
httpd.admin.top-page.authentication on        
httpd.autoindex.enable       off       
httpd.enable                 off       
httpd.log.format             common    
httpd.method.trace.enable    off       
httpd.rootdir                XXX       
httpd.timeout                300       
httpd.timewait.enable        off     


  • KB1762 How to: FPolicy Registration - NetApp 7-Mode
  • KB Article: 1753

    Updated: 8/26/2014

    • Category
      • Error
    • Affected versions
      • Northern Storage Suite 8.6
      • Northern Storage Suite 8.7
      • NSS 9.0
      • NSS 9.5

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