Specific Error: Failed to find item ID -1 is not an item

Error description

"Failed to find item ID -1 is not an item" can usually be seen in the Host Management section when attempting to run reports during certain circumstances:

Failed to find item

Common causes

  • The connection to the database is broken/the database is offline.
  • The NSS Core Service is started BEFORE the DB server is ready.
  • The DB server restarted (usually because of an upgrade), so the NSS Core is not able to login.
  • The Database folder contains XML-files that are pointing towards a different database server than the one configured. This usually happens after a database server change.
  • The Database folder contains corrupted XML-files.

Common solutions

  • Restart the NSS Core Service.
  • Stop the NSS Core Server service, restart the SQL Server service, wait for it to fully initialize and then start the NSS Core Server service.
  • If the database server has been changed you need to alter the connection string in the file named Scan Execution Action.xml at C:\Program Files\Northern\Storage Suite\Database\Storage Reporter\Scan Tasks. See KB-3051 for further instructions.
  • Reset the database folder in order to revert back to the default XML-files (a corruption purge). Warning! This action will require a reconfiguration of all reports. Read more about the procedure below.

Tips and recommendations

Setting the NSS Core Service to a delayed start:
If the SQL server is running on the same machine as NSS, it’s wise to set the NSS Core Server service to a delayed start. In this case, the off-sync between NSS Core and SQL Server is especially likely to occur after a server restart because the NSS Core Server service appears to start before the SQL Server service. The SQL Server service needs to be fully initialized before NSS Core can communicate with it. If it’s not, this particular error is a likely outcome.

Database folder reset:
If the problem is persistent (i.e. that it’s caused by corruption in the XML-files), it can be solved very easily with a Database folder reset. This will create new default XML-files and it’s a safe way to steer away from corruption or unwanted configurations. A database folder reset will require a reconfiguration of all used reports.

The procedure:

  1. Stop the NSS Core Server service.
  2. Navigate to the C:\Program Files\Northern\Storage Suite-folder
  3. Rename the Database folder to any name (i.e. Database_old).
  4. Start the NSS Core Server service.
  5. A new database folder will be created with new XML-files.


  • KB2873 How to: Configuring the NSS Database Connection
  • KB3051 How to: Change the Database Server used by NSS
  • KB Article: 3030

    Updated: 11/26/2014

    • Category
      • Error
    • Affected versions
      • NSS 9.0
      • NSS 9.5
      • NSS 9.6

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